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Miss Bianca Quotes:

  • Miss Bianca: [watching Orville fly] Doesn't he fly beautifully? And you wanted to take the train, you fraidy cat.

    Bernard: Fraidy cat? No, uh... it's just that I like trains. I mean, they serve Roquefort, and...

    [Orville flies in too low]

    Bernard: [gasp] Pull up, pull up!

  • [passing through the zoo, Bernard is scared by a lion's roar]

    Miss Bianca: What did you do to make him so mad?

    Bernard: Nothing, he's just a... just a grumpy old lion.

    Miss Bianca: Well, after all, waking him up in the middle of the night. Wouldn't you be grumpy too?

  • Miss Bianca: Captain, you fly beautifully. It's just like being on a "roller scoater".

    Bernard: He just went through a red light.

    Miss Bianca: I do that all the time, darling. Now come on, stop worrying.

  • Bernard: [about the seat belts] Miss Bianca, make sure it's fastened good and tight.

    Miss Bianca: I can't. It'll wrinkle my dress.

  • Miss Bianca: Oh, look! The little girl's treasures!

    Bernard: Boy, the things kids collect.

  • Bernard: It's - It's no use, Bianca. Maybe Rufus the cat was right. Wh-what can two little mice do?

    Mice: [singing in the background as a flashback] R-E-S... Rescue Aid Society, heads held high, touch the sky, you mean everything to me...

    Miss Bianca: But, Bernard, the Society's counting on us. We can't quit now. Oh, and that little girl. We just have to rescue her.

    Mice: [singing continues] R-E-S-C-U-E Rescue Aid Society, heads held high, touch the sky, you mean everything to me...

  • [after escaping Medusa and Snoops]

    Bernard: Are you- Are you all right, dear?

    Miss Bianca: Why, she- she tried to kill us. That, that, that terrible woman! Oh, if I was only a ten-foot mouse, I'd show her.

  • Bernard: [Bernard sees their flight should have left already] Flight leaves... 6:45. Oh, no. We missed the flight. Miss Bianca, if you hadn't...

    Miss Bianca: Oh, come on. You worry too much. You know that flights are always late.

    Orville: [Through radio communication] Albatross flight 13 to tower. Albatross 13

    Miss Bianca: Now, what did I tell you? We're lucky, Mr. Bernard.

    Bernard: Luck? Flight 13? Maybe we'd better take the train.

    Orville: [Through radio] Wake up! Dab-drat it, somebody answer down there! Get off the dime! Hello? Hello? Is anybody down there?

    Bernard: [answering] Uh, he-hello?

    Orville: [Through radio] Where the tuck have you been? Oh, you lazy knucklehead.

    Bernard: Well, we just got here, sir. You see, my co-agent insisted on packing her, uh...

    Orville: Look, bud. Am I clear to land? Traffic up here is thicker than- Wow! Dab-blast, you dirty road-hog! You crazy- Look. What is- You stupid lug-headed...

    Miss Bianca: Uh, oh, what did he say, Mr. Bernard?

    Bernard: I wouldn't dare repeat it.

    Miss Bianca: Well, then give him the permission to land.

    Bernard: Uh, Captain? You, uh, you have our permission to land.

    Orville: Well, it's about time, bud!

  • Penny: [working out a plan to trap the crocodiles, Nero and Brutus] See there? The elevator.

    Miss Bianca: Oh, it's a perfect cage, Penny.

    Bernard: Great idea. Now, uh, what - what can we use for bait?

    Penny: Oh, they'll eat anything.

  • Penny: We - Hi. Where'd you come from?

    Bernard: We found the bottle with-with your message, and we've come to rescue you.

    Penny: Did you hear that, Teddy? Our bottle worked!

    [looks confused]

    Penny: Didn't you bring somebody big with you? Like the police?

    Bernard: Uh, no. There's just, uh - the two of us.

    Miss Bianca: But if the three of us work together and we have a little faith...

    Penny: That's what Rufus said: "Faith makes things turn out right."

  • Bernard: [reading a pamphlet] Listen to this - it says here, 'Devil's Bayou is uncharted and hazardous. Each day's operations... '

    Miss Bianca: [sleepy] Mmm, interesting.

    Bernard: '... must be-'

    Miss Bianca: Good night, dear.

    [falls asleep on his shoulder]

    Bernard: '... planned with care and... '

    [he puts his arm around her]

    Bernard: Good night, Bianca.

  • Miss Bianca: Well, why don't we take the shortcut through the zoo?

    Bernard: I don't know... I mean it... could be risky.

    Miss Bianca: Oh, come on. Remember our pledge? "Through storm and rain and dark of night - "

    Bernard: [takes off his hat; water pools in it] "Never fail to do what's right." All right...

    [flings the cap back on his head]

    Bernard: Duty calls.

  • Mr. Chairman: [reading Penny's message]

    [clears throat]

    Mr. Chairman: "To Morningside Orphanage, New York." Hmm. Most difficult to decipher. I can't make it out.

    Miss Bianca: "I am... In a terrible... terrible trouble." Oh. Oh, dear. It's all watered out. "H-h-hurry! Help! Penny."

    Mr. Chairman: Penny? Morningside Orphanage? Huh! Dash it all, it's not much to go on, is it?

    Miss Bianca: Oh! Oh, that poor little girl.

  • Miss Bianca: Oh, that poor little girl. Oh, Mr. Chairman, can I please have this assignment?

    Mr. Chairman: You? Miss Bianca? Why, this is unprecedented. I mean, It's not like it was in the old days, when it was a man's world. But, I guess there's a first time for everything.

  • Miss Bianca: Poor Evinrude. Your carburetor is all pooped out.

  • Rufus: Mice!

    BernardMiss Bianca: Cat!

    Rufus: Now, look here, you two. If anyone found out that mice have moved in, I'd get kicked out, lose my job.

    Miss Bianca: Oh, don't worry, Mr. Cat, we- we won't be here long.

    Rufus: [while stretching his legs] Wh- I- I'm too old to be chasing mice.

  • Penny: [doing an impression of Medusa] Brutus! Nero! Did you let that little brat escape again? You're too soft.

    [swinging a broom]

    Penny: Wap! Wap!

    Bernard: [chuckles] Hey, Penny, that's not bad.

    Miss Bianca: [laughs] That's exactly like Medusa.

    Penny: [walks like Medusa and imitates her again] Track her down, boys. Bring her back.

  • Bernard: [as he, Bianca, Penny, and the swamp denizens escape successfully from the riverboat via the swampmobile] We did it, Bianca!

    Miss Bianca: Hooray! Oh, Bernard, Bernard, you're wonderful!

    [chuckles as she and Bernard embrace; the others cheer happily as the swampmobile drives away into the distance]

    Madame Medusa: [lamenting, as she is left clinging to one of the riverboat's smokestacks] There... goes... my diamond!

  • Bernard: [Climbing the steps to board Orville] ... eleven, twelve... Oh no. There... there are thirteen steps on this ramp.

    Miss Bianca: [chuckles] Why don't you jump the last one?

  • Miss Bianca: Oh, Captain. Is this a non-stop flight to Australia?

    Wilbur: Well, uh, not exactly. No. I can definitely say no. We're gonna have to make connections with a bigger bird. Non-stop? Who do I look like, Charles Lindbergh?

  • Miss Bianca: [whilst Wilbur drinks from a can of cream soda] We must leave tonight.

    Wilbur: [spit takes] Tonight?

    [coughs; laughs]

    Wilbur: Come on. You're kiddin' me, right?

    [laughs; opens his window]

    Wilbur: Have ya looked outside? It's suicide out there!

    [laughs; closes window]

    Wilbur: Oh, no. Ohhhhhhh, no! I'm afraid your jolly little holiday will have to wait.


    Wilbur: What a bunch of jokers!

    Miss Bianca: But you don't understand. A boy needs our help. He's in trouble!

    Wilbur: Boy? You mean, little kid kinda boy?

    Miss Bianca: He was kidnapped!

    Wilbur: Kidnapped? Oh! That-that's awful! Lockin' up a little kid. Kids should be free! Free to run wild through the house on Saturday mornings, free to have cookies and milk, and get those little white mustaches, you know?


    Wilbur: Nobody's gonna take a kid's freedom away while I'm around! Nobody ain't! Hear me?

    Miss Bianca: Does that mean you'll take us?

    Wilbur: Storm or no storm, Albatross Airlines...


    Wilbur: at your service!

  • Miss Bianca: Now, now, Cody. We mustn't lose hope. Bernard is still out there.

    Jake: That's right! If anyone can get us out of this scrape it's ol' Berno.

    [aside to Bianca]

    Jake: Nice bluff, Miss B.

    Miss BiancaJake: I wasn't bluffing. You don't know Bernard like I do. He'll never give up.

  • Miss Bianca: Oh, Bernard. You are magnificent. You are absolutely hero of the day.

    Bernard: Miss Bianca, before anything else happens... will you marry me?

    Miss Bianca: Oh, Bernard! Of course I will!

    Jake: Well done, mate.

  • Miss Bianca: Come on, darling. Let's get a move out.

  • Bernard: [Thinking of his marriage proposal] Bianca, there's something I need to talk to you about...

    Miss Bianca: [Unaware of Bernard's plan to propose, she speaks about the upcoming mission] It's all right, Bernard. I already know what you are going to say. Francois told me all about it.

    Bernard: Francois? But how did he know?

    Miss Bianca: It doesn't matter. I think it's a wonderful idea.

    Bernard: You do? You mean, you really want to?

    Miss Bianca: I don't think it's a matter of wanting, but a matter of duty.

    Bernard: Du-duty? Well, I never thought of it... Well, okay, how does... next April sound?

    Miss Bianca: Heavens, no! We must act immediately, tonight!

    Bernard: To-tonight? But Bianca, this is so sudden, I mean... don't you at least need... a gown or something?

    Miss Bianca: No, just a couple of khaki shorts and some hiking boots.

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