Miriam Aarons Quotes in The Women (1939)


Miriam Aarons Quotes:

  • Miriam Aarons: You're passing up a swell chance, honey. Where I spit no grass grows ever.

  • Miriam Aarons: [to Sylvia, about Sylvia's husband] I made him pay for what he wanted... you made him pay for what he didn't want.

    Sylvia Fowler: [to Miriam] Why you...!

  • Countess DeLave: This sweet thing is getting her first divorce too! She's a very dear friend of mine... What did you say your name was again darling?

    Miriam Aarons: Miriam Aarons.

    Countess DeLave: [Introducing Mary and Miriam] This is Mrs. Haines. You know, yanked the scalp off that Allen woman in the fitting room?

    Miriam Aarons: Oh yeah! Good for you! I was afraid you were a wet firecracker, sister. Shake!

  • Miriam Aarons: A woman's compromised the day she's born.

  • Miriam Aarons: Any ladle's sweet that dishes out some gravy.

  • Miriam Aarons: [about Buck Winston] Well he could crack a coconut with those knees!... If he could get them together!

  • Nancy Blake: [to Countess DeLave] Chin up.

    Miriam Aarons: Right, both of them.

  • Miriam Aarons: You should have licked that girl where she licked you; in his arms. It's where you win in the first round and if I know men, it's still Custer's Last Stand.

  • Countess DeLave: But whither... Whither shall I fly?

    Miriam Aarons: To the arms our our pet cowboy, darling!

    Countess DeLave: [Gasps] Miriam Aarons!

    Miriam Aarons: Why, he's plum loco for you, countess! He likes you even better than his horse! And it's such a blasted big horse, too!

  • Sylvia Fowler: I don't need to sit around and act glum. When I think of what I've sacrificed for Howard Fowler!

    Miriam Aarons: Such as what, Mrs. Fowler?

    Sylvia Fowler: [Looks at Miriam] I gave him my youth!

  • Mary Haines: [Introduces them] This is the Countess DeLave... Mrs. Howard Fowler.

    Countess DeLave: [Same time] How do you do?

    Sylvia Fowler: [Same time] How do you do?

    Mary Haines: And Miriam Aarons.

    Miriam Aarons: How do you do?

    Sylvia Fowler: [Looks closely at Miriam's flat chest] How do *you* do?

  • Miriam Aarons: Listen, sister, when are you going to get wise to yourself?

  • Countess DeLave: Mary, you're not cross because my Buck's had a wee droppy too much?

    Miriam Aarons: Don't be modest, Flora. Your ducky is stinko!

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