Mirage Quotes in The Incredibles (2004)


Mirage Quotes:

  • Elastigirl: This is the right hangar, but I don't see any jets.

    Mr. Incredible: A jet's not fast enough.

    Elastigirl: What's faster than a jet?

    Dash: Hey, how about a rocket?

    Elastigirl: Great. I can't fly a rocket.

    Violet: You don't have to. Use the coordinates from the last launch.

    Mr. Incredible: Oh, wait. I bet Syndrome's changed the password by now. How do I get into the computer?

    Mirage: [Over PA system] Say please.

  • Mirage: He's not weak, you know.

    Syndrome: What?

    Mirage: Valuing life is not weakness.

    Syndrome: Oh, hey, look, look, if you're talking about what happened in the containment unit, I had everything under control.

    Mirage: And disregarding it is not strength.

    Syndrome: Look, I called his bluff, sweetheart, that's all. I knew he wouldn't have it in him to actually...

    Mirage: [through her teeth] Next time you gamble, bet *your own* life.

  • [Mirage releases Mr. Incredible from his restraints and rushes over to him]

    Mirage: There isn't much time.

    [Mr. Incredible grabs her by the throat]

    Mr. Incredible: No, there isn't.

    [He stands up and holds her in the air]

    Mr. Incredible: In fact, there's no time at all.

    Mirage: [choking] Please.

    Mr. Incredible: Why are you here? How can you *possibly* bring me lower? What *more* can you take away from me?

    Mirage: [choking] Family... survived... the crash. They're here... on the island!

    Mr. Incredible: They're alive?

    [he drops her, then picks her up and hugs her]

  • Mirage: The Omnidroid 9000 is a top-secret military fighting robot. Artificial intelligence allows it to solve any problem it's presented with, and, unfortunately...

    Mr. Incredible: Let me guess. It became smart enough to wonder why it had to take orders.

    Mirage: We lost control, and now it's loose in the jungle, threatening our facility. We've had to evacuate all personnel for their own safety.

    Mr. Incredible: How am I going in?

    Mirage: The Omnidroid's defenses necessitate an air drop from 5000 feet. Its cloaking devices make it difficult to track, but we're pretty sure it's on the southern half of the island. One more thing. Obviously, it represents a significant investment...

    Mr. Incredible: You want me to shut it down without completely destroying it.

    Mirage: You are Mr. Incredible.

    [Mr. Incredible is loaded into a landing pod]

    Mirage: I've got to warn you. It's a learning robot. Every minute you spend fighting it only increases its knowledge of how to beat you.

    Mr. Incredible: Shut it down, do it quickly, don't destroy it.

    Mirage: And don't die.

    Mr. Incredible: Great. Thanks.

  • Mr. Incredible: I've been meaning to ask you. Of all places to settle down, why...

    Mirage: A volcano? My employer is atracted to power. As am I. It's a weakness we both share.

    Mr. Incredible: Seems a little... unstable.

    Mirage: I prefer to think of it as misunderstood.

    Mr. Incredible: Aren't we all?

  • Mirage: The supers are not gone, Mr. Incredible. You're still here. You can still do great things. Or... you can listen to police scanners. Your choice.

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