Mike Connell Quotes in Adventureland (2009)


Mike Connell Quotes:

  • Mike Connell: Are you crazy? You can't come here!

    Em Lewin: [crying] I just can't do this anymore. I'm starting to really fucking hate myself, you know?

    Mike Connell: [panicking] Oh, Christ. My wife probably heard me come in. I gotta... we'll find someplace to talk. I gotta go make an excuse. Park outside my mom's house, okay?

    Em Lewin: Okay.

    Mike Connell: Alright.

  • Em Lewin: [crying] I don't want to drink. Did you know James went out with Lisa P. last week?

    Mike Connell: I know.

    Em Lewin: You know.

    Mike Connell: You want me to rat out James?

    Em Lewin: Right.

    Mike Connell: Can you sit down, please? Just for a second.

    [Em sits on couch]

    Mike Connell: Look you want to end this?

    Em Lewin: Yes.

  • Mike Connell: Hey, James... you still have anymore of those baby joints?

  • Mike Connell: [watching Lisa P] It's nice when Paulette's got the day off. Put that disco station on.

    Bobby: Hey, you know, I'm a one-man woman so...

    Mike Connell: Huh?

    Bobby: Hmm?

  • James Brennan: Hey, I heard you jammed with Lou Reed.

    Mike Connell: Don't believe everything you hear.

    James Brennan: Okay.

    Mike Connell: I'll tell you about it sometime.

    James Brennan: So, where does your band play?

    Mike Connell: Usual shitholes around town. I need better musicians. I'm starting a new band out in L.A.

    James Brennan: Los Angeles?

    Mike Connell: Yeah, it's going to be cool. Going this winter.

    James Brennan: [kid pukes near James] Jesus! Nasty.

    Mike Connell: You'll get better at avoiding that.

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