Middle-Aged Marty Quotes in Back to the Future Part II (1989)


Middle-Aged Marty Quotes:

  • [answering the phone]

    Middle-Aged Marty: Hey, Needles.

    Needles: So, did you take a look at that little business proposal of mine?

    Middle-Aged Marty: I don't know, Needles.

    Needles: What are you afraid of? If this thing works it'll solve all your financial problems.

    Middle-Aged Marty: And if it doesn't work Needles, I could get fired! It's *illegal*! I mean, what if the Jitz is monitoring, huh?

    Needles: The Jitz'll never find out!

    Middle-Aged Marty: Oh, ha, ha.

    Needles: Come on... Stick your card in the slot and I'll handle it. Unless you want everyone in the division to think you're *chicken*.

    Middle-Aged Marty: [angrily] Nobody calls me 'chicken', Needles. Nobody!

    Needles: All right, prove it.

    Middle-Aged Marty: All right, all right Needles. Here's my card. Scan it, I'm in.

    Needles: Thanks McFly, I'll see you at the plant tomorrow.

  • Iko 'Jitz' Fujitsu, Marty's Boss in 2015: [shouts] McFly!

    Middle-Aged Marty: Fujitsu-san, Konnichiwa.

    Iko 'Jitz' Fujitsu, Marty's Boss in 2015: McFly, I was monitoring that scan you just interfaced. You are *terminated*!

    Middle-Aged Marty: Terminated? No, no, it wasn't my fault sir! It was Needles, Needles was behind the whole thing!

    Iko 'Jitz' Fujitsu, Marty's Boss in 2015: And you cooperated!

    Middle-Aged Marty: No, I didn't, ah, it was a sting operation.

    Iko 'Jitz' Fujitsu, Marty's Boss in 2015: It was illegal, and you knew!

    Middle-Aged Marty: I was - I was - I was setting him up.

    Iko 'Jitz' Fujitsu, Marty's Boss in 2015: McFly, read my fax!

    Middle-Aged Marty: No! Please! No! I cannot be fired, I'm fired! Oh!

    [Fax comes out saying "YOU'RE FIRED!" on three different machines, In concern, Jennifer takes one of the copies]

    Middle-Aged Marty: Oh, this is heavy.

    [crumples a copy of the fax against his forehead]

    Middle-Aged Marty: What am I gonna tell Jennifer?

  • Marty McFly, Jr.: [re: the tiny pizza from Pizza Hut] Grandma, when it's ready, could you just shove it in my mouth?

    Middle-Aged Marty: Don't you be a smart-ass!

  • Old Lorraine: Aren't you and Jennifer getting along?

    Middle-Aged Marty: Oh, yeah, great Mom. We're like a couple o' teenagers, ya know?

  • House Computer: Welcome home, Marty.

    Middle-Aged Marty: Hey, hey, hey! Dad's home! That's right, he's home. Dad's home!

    House Computer: Lord of the manor.

    Middle-Aged Marty: Hello, hello!

    House Computer: King of the castle.

    Middle-Aged Marty: [Nobody answers] Hello? What the hell is this?

    House Computer: Lithium mode on.

    Middle-Aged Marty: That's better. Damn kids.

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