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  • Michiko: Ikaza, I don't know what, I don't know what we're going to do without Tamashi. It, it... it just doesn't seem fair! Why did god do this to us?

    Ikaza: Hey... Michiko my sister, don't worry. We'll always remember Tamashi, as the wonderful person, and brother that he was to us. May god rest his soul. But Michiko I'm bothered, bothered by his death. It seems so strange. This whole thing, is damn suspicious. Michiko, do you think our brother was hiding something, something illegal that we didn't know about? Like drugs or smuggling or maybe even triad activity. I mean why would someone want to get rid of Tamashi, and then get evidence, to show that he had been murdered? It just doesn't make any sense at all, does it? The Police say that he was found with pieces of metal in his back. That definitely means somebody wanted him dead. It's so strange.

    [Camera focuses on a random tree in the background while the characters continue talking]

    Ikaza: Come Michiko, I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset you, but I have to find out what happened. For Tamashi's sake, and for the sake of our family. You understand?

  • Michiko: I'm sorry about yesterday; I failed as a wife and a woman.

    [Kaji gives a refreshed sigh]

    Michiko: I couldn't sleep.

    Kaji: This is your home. You can sleep soundly here.

    Michiko: Promise you'll share both your joys and your sorrows with me.

    Kaji: Sorrow for one is enough.

    Michiko: It's not! I'm walking down the same path you are. It's okay if I lose my way. Just tell me we might get lost and take me along. I'll follow you... and do my best to keep up.

    Kaji: I understand.

    Michiko: If I don't walk fast enough, will you wait just a tiny bit for me? Just a very tiny bit?

    Kaji: Of course.

    Michiko: I'll never ask you the same question twice.

  • Michiko: We'll have lunch together and then go to the apple orchard. It's so wonderful, I feel as light as a balloon!

  • [first lines]

    Michiko: This isn't like you.

    Kaji: Why?

    Michiko: You're running away. Don't you want me?

    Kaji: Of course I do.

    Michiko: And I want you, too. Yet we can't marry-...

    Kaji: How many times must I explain?

    Michiko: Because you might be called up? I wouldn't care if it was the day after. Of course I'd cry. I'd cry bitterly. But happiness only lies in marrying the one you love.

    Kaji: Alright. I'll take you back to my dormitory. You'll stay with me tonight. Alright?

    Michiko: Yes, I'll go.

    [they start trudging through the snow]

    Kaji: No, you better go back to your own dormitory... I can't take you to mine.

    Michiko: You were just testing me. You shouldn't have done that. You're a coward and a weakling! Now I see that!

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