Michelle Rubin Quotes in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)


Michelle Rubin Quotes:

  • Ben: Look, look, look, wait a minute. The one night we even thought about having sex, all right, she up and decides she's going to nickname my...

    Michelle Rubin: Penis?

    Ben: Yeah. "Princess Sophia." You want to talk about shooting a man's horse? Whop! Come on!

  • Ben: Excuse me, ma'am.

    Jeannie Ashcroft: Holy crap!

    Ben: Where's Andie Anderson?

    Jeannie Ashcroft: Uh, she's not here.

    Ben: Where is she?

    Michelle Rubin: She quit.

    Jeannie Ashcroft: She's got an interview in Washington.

    Ben: When is she leaving?

    Jeannie Ashcroft: Today.

    Ben: When?

    Jeannie Ashcroft: Well, like, now.

    Ben: You're not a therapist, are you?

    Michelle Rubin: Oh, haha... no.

    Ben: Good job, though. You owe me three hundred bucks.

  • Michelle Rubin: So, tell me, how long have you guys been seeing each other?

    Andie: Seven days.

    Michelle Rubin: Seven days. Interesting.

    Ben: Is that too soon to be seeing a therapist?

    Andie: Well, Ben, seven days isn't like a lifetime, or anything...

    Ben: It's like a week.

  • Michelle Rubin: Oh, you are never going to pull this off.

    Andie: Watch me. Tonight, I'll hook a guy. Tomorrow, pull the switch. Before the ten days are up, I'm going to have this guy running for his life.

    Jeannie Ashcroft: You're not going to burn his apartment down or bite him, or anything?

    Andie: No! I'm going to limit myself to doing everything girls do wrong in relationships. Basically, everything we know guys hate. I'll be clingy, needy...

    Jeannie Ashcroft: Be touchy-feely.

    Andie: Yeah.

    Jeannie Ashcroft: Ooh, call him in the middle of the night and tell him everything you had to eat that day.

    Michelle Rubin: What's wrong with that?

    [Andie & Jeanie stare at Michelle]

    Michelle Rubin: I'm kidding.

  • Michelle Rubin: Why this place?

    Jeannie Ashcroft: It's perfect. Hi, Ingrid.

    Mullen's Hostess: Hi.

    Jeannie Ashcroft: Mullen's is the apres-work watering hole for the upwardly mobile.

  • Andie: Why do they always forget my bacon?

    Jeannie Ashcroft: I can't believe you got that guy knocked out.

    Andie: Only for a few seconds.

    Lana Jong: Andie, I am loving your notes on this piece.

    Andie: [with her mouth full] Thank you, Lana.

    Lana Jong: When are you seeing him again?

    Andie: Tonight. He's inviting me over to his house for dinner.

    Lana Jong: Excellent! I've got a feeling about this one.

    Michelle Rubin: I hate it when she pops her head in like that.

    Andie: I never noticed it.

    Lana Jong: A-hem. I heard that. And Andie, tonight take smaller bites.

    Andie: Thank you, Lana.

    Michelle Rubin: Oh, my God!

    Jeannie Ashcroft: Disgusting! I can barely eat over here.

    [Andie takes an even bigger bite]

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