Michael Emerson Quotes in The Lost Boys (1987)


Michael Emerson Quotes:

  • David: How are those maggots?

    Michael Emerson: Huh?

    David: Maggots, Michael. You're eating maggots. How do they taste?

  • David: It is too late, my blood is in your veins.

    Michael Emerson: So is mine!

  • Grandpa: [the boys come in carrying Laddie and Star, who are sleeping. Grandpa is totally ignoring the unconscious Laddie in Edgar's arms, and Star in Michael's] Do you know the rule about filling up the car with gas when you take it without asking?

    Michael Emerson: [Hoping he says nothing about Laddie and Star] No, Grandpa.

    Grandpa: Well, now you do.

  • Grandpa: Hey, anything around here that might pass for aftershave?

    Sam Emerson: How about some Windex, Grandpa?

    Grandpa: Yeah, yeah, let me try some of that.

    Michael Emerson: You have a big date tonight, Grandpa?

    Grandpa: I'm going to drop my handiwork by the widow Johnson.

    Michael Emerson: What'd ya stuff for her? Mr. Johnson?

  • [about Grandpa]

    Michael Emerson: Looks like he's dead!

    Sam Emerson: If he's dead, can we go back to Phoenix?

  • Sam Emerson: You're a vampire! I knew it!

    Michael Emerson: I am not!

    Sam Emerson: So what are you? The Flying Nun?

  • Sam Emerson: So where're we going?

    Michael Emerson: Nowhere.

    Sam Emerson: So what's the rush? You're chasing that girl aren't you? Come on, admit it. I'm at the mercy of your sex glands, bud.

  • Michael Emerson: Look, this isn't a comic book, Sam, these guys are brutal killers.

    Sam Emerson: So are the Frog brothers!

  • Michael Emerson: [looking inside Grandpa's work-room] Talk about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  • Michael Emerson: I can't beat your bike.

    David: You don't have to beat me, Michael. You just have to try and keep up.

  • Michael Emerson: [the Frog Brothers are talking about killing Star] Don't you touch her!

    Edgar Frog: [to Alan] Come on. Vampires have such a rotten temper.

  • Michael Emerson: I didn't invite you this time, Max.

  • Michael Emerson: What's happening to me, Star?

    Star: Oh, Michael. Michael, I can't tell you. I don't know how to help you.

    Michael Emerson: What's happening?

    Star: [whispers] I can't.

  • Michael Emerson: [Sam comes out of the bathroom, Michael's hand is cut up, and bloody] Nanook.

    Sam Emerson: What about Nanook? What'd you do to my dog, you asshole?

  • Michael Emerson: Is there any jobs around here?

    Stranger: Nothing legal.

  • Max: [Michael is about to walk out the front door and suddenly sees Max as he's just getting ready to knock] Hey. How you doing? You must be Michael, right?

    Michael Emerson: And you must be Max.

    Max: Right. How are you?

    [they shake hands]

    Max: Well, you're the man of the house and I'm not coming in until you invite me.

    Michael Emerson: You're invited.

    Max: [nods, smiles] Thanks very much.


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