Merle Quotes in Escaflowne: The Movie (2000)


Merle Quotes:

  • Merle: you ARE strange

    Hitomi Kanzaki: [gets mad] I don't want you calling me that.

    Merle: here.

    [throws her water]

    Merle: so are you the REAL goddess of wings?

    Hitomi Kanzaki: I dunno...

    Merle: But its about you, isn't it?

    Hitomi Kanzaki: I... don't even know where I am.

    Merle: Isn't that called stupidity?

  • Merle: A message from the airforce, sir. In 10 minutes, they will be overhead to drop in reinforcements!

    Lt. Col. Pierre Raspeguy: We haven't got enough firepower left to cover them, they'll be slaughtered before they hit the ground, get back on the radio and warn them off.

    Merle: Right sir!

    [command bunker with radio blown up]

    Merle: [picking up broken pieces of radio] Poor devils, they'll be here in a few minutes!

    Lt. Col. Pierre Raspeguy: Well, what the hell can I do!

  • Merle: [the Gogans have returned and want to take Pete away from Nora] Okay lady, we're gonna take him whether you like it or not. Right boys?

    Grover: Right, Pa. Willie, you grab onto Pete, while I hold onto her.

    Willie: You grab Pete, I wanna hold her.

    Grover: I wanna hold her!

    Willie: I'm gonna hold her!

    [Willie and Grover push each other]

    Merle: [separates them] Alright, I'll settle this: You two grab the brat, I'LL hold her.

    Lena Gogan: If you think you're gonna hold her, like my boys wanna hold her, you're gonna be holdin' your head, ya understand?

  • Pete: Where's Elliott?

    Lena Gogan: [comes out of the closet behind him and grabs him and messes up his hair] Nowhere! Your hokey pokey dragon is out helpin' Santa Claus pull his sled! Boys!

    Pete: Let me go!

    [Willie and Grover lift him up by his legs and Pete pounds on them and tries to get free]

    Lena Gogan: You're never gonna get away again! We're gonna put chains on ya when you're workin'!

    Merle: And when you're not workin'!

    Willie: And when you're sleepin'!

  • Nora: [singing] Watch out, or I'll take you apart!

    Lena GoganWillieGroverMerle: [singing] We'd like to see you try it!

  • Merle: Say, have you seen anything of a mean, fresh, kid, about ye big? Answers to the name of Pete.

    Hoagy: Half of the kids here in this town answer to Pete. Other half don't answer.

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