Mendou Quotes in Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer (1984)


Mendou Quotes:

  • [Mendou's tank is submerged in the pool]

    Mendou: [Whining] My... my tank. My Leopard.

    Megane: Who can blame it, in this heat?

    Mendou: Tanks don't go swimming, you idiot.

  • [Everyone finds they can't get to their own homes]

    Megane: There's only one thing we can do...

    [At Ataru's house]

    Megane: We'd like you to...

    PermChibiMeganeMendouSakuraShinobuKakugari: PUT US UP FOR THE NIGHT!

    Ataru, Mendou: Why you...!

  • Sakura: Lum, listen carefully. This is a time of extreme emergency. You must talk Rupa into fixing things.

    Lum: Well, if Darling says that he loves me, then I wouldn't mind talking to Rupa.

    Sakura: [to Ataru] So she says.

    Benten: Earth's fate hangs on a single world from you.

    Sakura: Say it! Even if it's a lie!

    Mendou: On this occasion, I shall permit it.

    Shinobu: Is it that difficult? It's just a simple phrase! You say it all the time to other girls!

    Ataru: I hate your guts!

  • [the frozen dreams collapse, Lum returns, and Ataru approaches her]

    Shinobu: And from now on, the days repeat on and on as usual, right?

    Sakura: No, not necessarily.

    Shinobu: Huh?

    Sakura: Even if the days go around, in a path of endlessly nearly concentric circles, as a whole, they should ultimately lead us to a new place.

    Mendou: That means...

    Sakura: Uh-huh, no one knows what lies ahead of us.

    Megane: How naive of me to approve of you and Lum, even for a moment. "Mistakes must be corrected at once." DIE ATARU!

    [the Stormtroopers all open fire on Ataru]

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