Melman Quotes in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008)


Melman Quotes:

  • Melman: No, no that's not it. Listen Mototo, you'd better treat this lady like a queen. Because you, you my friend... have found the perfect woman. If I was ever so lucky to find the perfect woman, I would give her flowers every day. And not just any flowers, okay? Her favorites are orchids. White. And I would bring her breakfast every day. Six loaves of wheat bread with butter on both sides. No crusts. Just the way she likes it. I'd be her shoulder to cry on and her best friend. And I'd spend every day thinking of ways to make her laugh. She has the most... amazing laugh. That's what I would do, if I were you. But I'm not. So you do it.

    Moto Moto: Uhhh... What? Aaaanyways, where were we?

    Gloria: [sigh] I'm huge?

  • Melman: [as the plane is going down] I love you, Gloria! I always have!

    [Gloria is fast asleep; Alex and Marty stare at Melman]

    Melman: Like you love the beach, or a good book, or the beach...

  • Julien: [after Melman has announced he has only 48 hours to live] If I, King Julien, that's my name, had only two days to live, I would do all the things I always wanted to do.

    Melman: Like what?

    Julien: I'd become a professional whistler. I'm pretty fantastic right now, but I would do it professionally.

    [Tries to whistle, but all that comes out is a long raspberry]

    Julien: Another thing I would do is invade a neighboring country, and force my own ideology on them, even if they didn't want it.

  • Gloria: What is this place?

    Melman: San Diego. This time, I'm 40% sure.

  • Melman: What, you don't have doctors here?

    Stephen: Well not any more.

    Melman: What if you catch a cold or something.

    Additional Giraffe: We go over to the dying holes, and we die.

  • Julien: Ha,ha,ha! I like laughing! It's such a nice experience!

    Melman: [Melman pokes his head in] Whoa.

    Julien: Exuse me, this is first class. It's nothing personal, it's just that we're better than you.

  • Alex: I like to move it, move it!

    Gloria: He likes to move it, move it!

    Marty: She likes to move it, move it!

    Melman: We like to...?

    Lemurs: Move it!

  • Marty: I still think he's a show-off.

    Melman: You gotta give him credit. He is an animal.

    Marty: I don't know about you guys, but I feel like going on vacation.

    Gloria: Where are we going to go on vacation?

    Marty: I was thinking Conneticut.

  • Melman: Gloria, it wasn't the pills or the tourists, it was seeing you all these years that kept me going.

  • Gloria: [as they watch the sunset] Beautiful, isn't it?

    Melman: Yeah.

    Marty: It's amazing.

    Alex: Guys... this is where we belong.

  • Melman: Gloria!

    [sees Gloria and Moto Moto]

    Melman: Gloria.

    Gloria: Melman.

    [Moto Moto turns around puckered]

    Gloria: Melman, I... I want you to meet Moto Moto.

    Melman: Ah. Moto Moto. Yeah, nice to meet you. Well, I-I guess I...

    Gloria: It's ok, Melman. Apology accepted.

    Melman: Oh. Yeah, right, yes. That... yes. That's why I... good. Phew. Ok. That's - Well, that's it then.

    Moto Moto: You're good. We're kinda busy here, man.

  • Gia: Alex? You are from a zoo?


    Alex: Yes. Yes. But wait, there's more.

    Gia: More?

    Alex: Or less. There's less.

    Vitaly: You were never circus?

    Gloria: We had to say we were circus.

    Melman: Or you'd never let us on the train.

    Gia: After all we have been through together, you want to go live in a zoo?

    Alex: Gia, I...

    Vitaly: You used us.

    Alex: No, no, no. I mean - I mean yes but,

    Gia: Trapeze americano, you make that up, too?

    Alex: It didn't exactly exist when I taught it to you.

    Gia: Jet packs and aquatic cobras! I should've known.

    Stefano: Balloons to the children of the world was not real, either?

    Alex: Yeah, that's not real. But look at what we did.

    Stefano: I was shot out of a cannon! I could've died!

    Marty: But I thought it was your lifelong dream.

    Stefano: For all I know, your name is not even Alice.

    Alex: No, Stefano, but it never really was.

    Stefano: I don't feel safe!

    Alex: Gia, I...

    Gia: We trusted you.

    Stefano: My tears are real! You are not!

  • [Gloria gets stuck after falling down an air shaft, nearly crushing Alex, Marty, and Melman]

    Melman: [to Gloria, sweetly yet awkwardly] Hi, honey!

  • Alex: And Melman, you're the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Melman: Actually, I'm the Triborough Bridge.

  • Melman: I can't dance!

    Gloria: Maybe that's because you've never tried it before.

    Melman: I *have* tried it! I practice in private because you're so good at it...

    Gloria: You practice? For me?

    Melman: Yeah, but... It's no use! I never know what to do with my arms.

    Gloria: That's the easy part.

    [wraps Melman's arms around her neck]

    Gloria: You just put your arms around your partner.

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