Mellow Quotes in Darktown Strutters (1975)


Mellow Quotes:

  • Syreena: Maid's day off?

    Mellow: Come on sister Syreena, we're all alone, you don't have to come off like that. Your sisters aren't here.

    [Syreena smacks him]

    Mellow: Good thing they call me Mellow.

    Syreena: Strut off!

    Mellow: How would you like the time of your life with everything on it?

    Syreena: I'll let you know.

  • Mellow: Once around the police station, how 'bout that?

    Syreena: What's the bet?

    Mellow: My ass.

    Syreena: What if I win?

    Mellow: Your ass. How can you lose?

    Syreena: I'll come up with something.

  • Six Bits: What do you want, huh?

    Syreena: Who's paying the bills at the runaway house?

    Six Bits: Now why're you asking me that? I'm just the numbers man. Now you want to get something down?

    [Flash shoves him to Mellow]

    Syreena: Yeah, yeah, we gonna get you down and stomped on.

    Six Bits: Now look, it's even money they got some kind of politician's money or something, why?

    Mellow: Shut up!

    [shoves Six Bits towards Flash]

    Six Bits: Hey man! She's gonna kill me if I don't talk, and you gonna kill me if I do! Just show me how I get out of here!

    [Syreena hits his foot with a wrench, Flash hits him in the back of the head]

    Syreena: Once more!

    Six Bits: The Cross Foundation! They put money into it!

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