Megane Quotes in Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer (1984)


Megane Quotes:

  • [At Megane's Nazi-themed "Third Reich Decadent Cafe"]

    Perm: But do you really think anyone'll come to a place that looks like this, Megane?

    Chibi: Maybe we should have gone with the 'Hot Babes Coffee Shop' like Ataru suggested. Lum gave it her OK too, after all.

    Megane: I won't have Lum acting like a bimbo. Besides, do you know how hard it was to collect money from everyone in class to open this place? I'll be damned if I'll let it be operated according to Ataru's weird tastes.

    Perm: [Muttering] 'Weird tastes' he says...

  • [Mendou's tank is submerged in the pool]

    Mendou: [Whining] My... my tank. My Leopard.

    Megane: Who can blame it, in this heat?

    Mendou: Tanks don't go swimming, you idiot.

  • Megane: [discussing the deserted town of Tomobiki] What harm does it really cause us in the first place? Onsen-Mark is gone... hmm, Cherry's missing. Hit it boys!

    Ataru Moroboshi: [joined by Megane's gang] Hooray!

  • [Everyone finds they can't get to their own homes]

    Megane: There's only one thing we can do...

    [At Ataru's house]

    Megane: We'd like you to...

    PermChibiMeganeMendouSakuraShinobuKakugari: PUT US UP FOR THE NIGHT!

    Ataru, Mendou: Why you...!

  • Megane: [To Ataru] When it comes to harems, this girl is way ahead of you.

  • [Broadcast over the entire Oni fleet's radio]

    Rose: Oh, so you've come to?

    Ataru: What the? Where am I? And who are you?

    Rose: My name is Rose, the Woman Of Seven Disguises. I work for Babara.

    Lum's Father: [yells into microphone] It's a spy. A spy has kidnapped my son-in-law.

    Ataru: Thank you. Thank you. I'm saved. There I was, in hell, and along comes an angel, I'm saved. Lum is so persistant, I really thought my luck had run out. Still, you shouldn't give up. At the last moment a savior comes along, and best of all, a pretty girl.

    Rose: Oh, you're so kind.

    Megane: [muttering] That idiot.

    Ataru: Let's go on to my rosy new life with Elle. Full speed ahead.

    Lum's Father: [crushing microphone] Shame on you. Stop that. Stop.

  • [the frozen dreams collapse, Lum returns, and Ataru approaches her]

    Shinobu: And from now on, the days repeat on and on as usual, right?

    Sakura: No, not necessarily.

    Shinobu: Huh?

    Sakura: Even if the days go around, in a path of endlessly nearly concentric circles, as a whole, they should ultimately lead us to a new place.

    Mendou: That means...

    Sakura: Uh-huh, no one knows what lies ahead of us.

    Megane: How naive of me to approve of you and Lum, even for a moment. "Mistakes must be corrected at once." DIE ATARU!

    [the Stormtroopers all open fire on Ataru]

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