Meg Bethune Quotes in Angus (1995)


Meg Bethune Quotes:

  • Mr. Kessler: Now, if I could see your science experient, Mr. Bethune. Do you have a science experiment, Mr. Bethune?

    Angus: Yes. Yes, I do.

    Mr. Kessler: May I See it?

    Angus: You're looking at it.

    Mr. Kessler: Is this a joke, Mr. Bethune?

    Angus: No. I'm hoping to prove that within every normal system, there exists an aberration. Something different.

    Mr. Kessler: The Chaos theory.

    Angus: The Bethune Theory.

    Mr. Kessler: Your hypothesis?

    Angus: When a small, abnormal element is forced into a larger normal system, the element will either be rejected or destroyed.

    Mr. Kessler: Obviously.

    Angus: But it doesn't have to be that way! If...

    Mr. Kessler: If?

    Angus: If the element is brave.

    Mr. Kessler: Brave?

    Angus: If the element can hold out long enough and face the torment of the system until the system's energy is depleted. If the element can look the system in the eye and say 'I'm still here, asshole!' Then, the system will have to change, adapt, mutate. And if this happens, it will have proved my fucking point.

    Mr. Kessler: Which is what?

    Angus: There is no normal.

    Meg Bethune: Angus, Where are you going?

    Angus: To mutate.

  • Grandpa: Meg you're making everybody crazy, you're on me all the time about the marrage, you're all over Angus about the science school crap...

    Meg Bethune: Its not crap dad!

    Grandpa: Its crap!

    Meg Bethune: Its a wonderful opportunity for him, a chance to excel in something he's really great at. Its good for Angus. Its also an opportunity for him to go someplace where he doesn't have to account for who his parents are.

    Grandpa: Screw what other people think! He doesn't have to prove anything!

    Meg Bethune: Neither does he. This dance thing is a prank. I don't want him humiliated infront of the whole school.

    Grandpa: You know what you're doing? You're not giving the boy credit for being strong.

    Meg Bethune: Do you know every time he sits down in the cafeteria, the kids jump up like they're being thrown off the bench? They call him big foot.

    Grandpa: He never mentioned that to me.

    Meg Bethune: He never told me either. Do you know what they did with his underwear? They ran it up the flag pole just to humilate him. And he gets up and goes back there every single day. Don't you tell me I don't know how strong my son is. I know. And if he wants to go to any god damn school where kids won't slap their belly every time he walks by, then he damn well can.

    Grandpa: That was you kid, third grade. Look how you turned out.

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