Medusa Quotes in Leonard Part 6 (1987)


Medusa Quotes:

  • Medusa: Clever, but dumb.

  • Medusa: The couple that spies together, dies together.

  • Medusa: [after explaining to Leonard why replacing the fluids with dishwashing liquid made no difference] I could put Yoo Hoo in this and it would work.

  • [Rocky, Colt, Tum Tum, and Dave Dragon face off against Medusa and her ninjas]

    Medusa: The Three Little Bears and the Big Bad Wolf has come to rescue Goldilocks. Get 'em.

  • Medusa: We get so lonely here. Don't we? That's why I create my statues. They're my only company, daughter of Athena.

    Annabeth Chase: How do you know me?

    Medusa: You have such beautiful hair. I once had hair like that. I was courted, desired by many suitors. But that all changed because of your mother, the woman who cursed me. Who turned me...

    [removing her hair cover]

    Annabeth Chase: [to Hysterical Woman] Don't look!

    Medusa: ...into this!

    [snakes hissing]

    Medusa: They say the eyes are windows to the soul. I hope you find my eyes...

    [removing her glasses]

    Medusa: ...attractive... So rude, not looking people in the eyes. Come on. Sneak a peak.

  • Medusa: [When she meets Annabeth & the Hysterical Woman] Well, *this* is a fabulous surprise.

  • Medusa: I hear you have the lightning bolt. May I see it?

    Percy Jackson: I don't have it!

    Medusa: Let me see you eyes. I hear they're bluer than the Circassian Sea! Open them, or my hungry babies will have to open them for you. But it would be such a pity to destroy such a young, handsome face. Stay with me, Percy. All you have to do is look.

  • Medusa: Mmm. Son of Poseidon. I used to date your daddy.

  • [last lines]

    Medusa: The studio, Al, and make it snappy! Come on, come on, come on!

  • Medusa: [stroking her snake hair] I went to my hairdresser today to try my hair ratted. You like? Oh, it's really something to see. We use *live* rats, you know. Snakes just eat 'em up. MmmMmm.

  • Medusa: Pleasant dreams, kiddies!

  • Medusa: [while hitting Pluthar with her purse] Ugly bastard!

  • Medusa: I had a date the other night. Poor fellow. I turned all of the lights off. I whispered to him, "Whatever you do, honey, don't look at me. One glance and you're hard as a rock."

    [Medusa rests her hand on a statue's shoulder]

    Medusa: Needless to say, poor guy... peeked. Now you see why I have this *thing* for phone friends.

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