Medina Quotes in Deathgasm (2015)


Medina Quotes:

  • David: Oh Christ, it's my Satanist cousin, Brodie. Look at that ugly loner. I'm gonna make his life hell on earth.

    Medina: Wow. That's really cool, David. Can you please take me home now?

    David: I thought we'd take a drive or something.

    Medina: It's hard to believe, but talking about bullying isn't really a turn on.

  • Medina: Are you stealing petrol?

    Zakk: No. I'm stealing diesel.

    Medina: Well don't you feel guilty?

    Zakk: No.

  • Medina: Save it for the demons, you two.

  • Brodie: Do you - do you like metal?

    Medina: Um, isn't it just a bunch of guys screaming?

    Brodie: No way! Well... apart from grindcore. And death metal is kind of like that. And deathcore, screamo, pornogrind, black metal, metalcore, thrash, and mordorcore. But apart from those...

    Medina: It's just not my thing. I don't really get it.

    Brodie: It's like, when life sucks, and you feel alone and empty. You stick on some metal and life is better, because... because somebody else knows the pain and the rage that you're going through, y'know?

  • Brodie: Motherfucker!

    Medina: Brodie, just leave it.

    Brodie: Fucking wanker! You knew I liked her.

    Zakk: Calm the fuck down, all right? I'm not even into her. I was just bored.

    Brodie: Oh well, that's supposed to make it fucking better? What happened to Brotherhood of Steel?

  • Brodie: I thought you were off to the lookout to watch the town burn.

    Zakk: Realized I couldn't leave my mate in the shit. Not with all these demons to mega-kill. Metalheads stick together, right?

    Medina: Whoa, wait. You decided that you wanted to help us, and then you went and applied makeup? Well, how long did that take? What ten - fifteen minutes?

    Zakk: It's not makeup. It's fucking corpse paint. For going into battle.

    Medina: Okay. Well, you look adorable. It really brings out your eyes.

  • Medina: I can't stand mic cupping.

    Brodie: Cannibal Corpse do it.

    Medina: No. Barnes used to do it. Fisher... it's straight from the guts.

    Brodie: Shit. Did I just get schooled?

    Medina: I'm a very fast learner.

  • Tracy: All of the sudden Medina has a ghetto booty?

    Evie: I think she stuffs.

    Astrid: That slut ain't got shit compared to these double cheeseburgers.

    [shakes her butt]

    Medina: Shake it, don't break it, bitch.

    Astird: Fuck her.

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