Meadows Quotes in Jaws (1975)


Meadows Quotes:

  • Brody: I just- I just want to tell you what we're planning so far...

    Meadows: What about the beaches, Chief?

    Brody: We're going to put on the extra- the extra summer deputies as quickly as possible, and then we're going to try and use, uh, shark-spotters on the beach.

    Mrs. Taft: [cuts him off] Are you going to close the beaches?

    Brody: [after brief pause] Yes, we are.

    [townspeople erupt into dismayed argument]

  • [a woman hears Meadows chanting and invites him to a party]

    Meadows: Drop your socks and grab your cocks, we're going to a party.

    Buddusky: If this kid gets pussy out of this, I'll eat my fucking flat hat, man.

  • Meadows: [looking at porn] Are they really doing that when they take that picture?

    Buddusky: [pause] Well kid, there's more things in this life than you can possibly imagine. I knew a whore once in Wilmington. She had a glass eye... used to take it out and wink people off for a dollar.

  • Meadows: If you're Catholic, do you think it's, uh, sacrilegious to chant?

    Buddusky: Did it get you laid?

    Meadows: No.

    Buddusky: Then Meadows, what the fuck do you want to go on chanting for?

    Mulhall: Chant your ass off, kid. But any pussy you get in this world, you gonna have to pay for, one way or another.

    Buddusky: Hallelujah!

  • Budduskey: I am the motherfucking shore patrol, motherfucker! I am the motherfucking shore patrol! Give this man a beer.

    Meadows: I don't want a beer.

    Budduskey: You're gonna have a fuckin' beer!

  • [Meadows has just prematurely ejaculated]

    Buddusky: You wanna try it again, kid?

    Meadows: Yeah.

    Buddusky: [to prostitute] Okay, honey.

    Mulhall: Don't worry about it, kid... plenty more where that came from.

    Buddusky: We got all night, kid.

  • Nichiren Shoshu Leader: Welcome to a Nichiren Shoshu discussion meeting! Tonight throughout the city there are actually - there are hundreds of meetings like this going on, where people are learning about Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and Gohonzon!

    Meadows: [to Budduskey] What's a "gohonzon"?

    Buddusky: Shhh. I'll tell ya 'bout it later.

  • Meadows: [with a mouthful of peanuts] I had 'em with me!

  • Mulhall: We'd better catch that train.

    Buddusky: We still got time for a beer.

    Mulhall: Now wait a minute, man...

    Meadows: I ain't old enough.

    Buddusky: Ain't old enough for what?

    Meadows: For a beer.

    Buddusky: Everybody's old enough for a beer. Ain't that right, Mule?

    Mulhall: Yeah.

  • Meadows: After... after... well maybe it was an act for her. I mean I know she was a whore. But I think she liked me.

    Buddusky: They got feelings just like everybody else, kid; she probably did.

    Meadows: Well, it was real for me. That's what counts.

  • Meadows: Hey, you guys mind if I say somethin'? That guy at the bar, why did you get so mad at him? I don't blame him not givin' me a beer.

    Buddusky: Hey, don't you never get mad at nobody?

    Meadows: Well, sure I do, yeah.

    Mulhall: Who do you get mad at?

    Meadows: Not at somebody who's doing their job.

    Buddusky: Who, then?

    Meadows: Injustice.

    Buddusky: Bullshit! You never get mad at nobody. You're just a pussy!

    Meadows: I do too get mad.

    Mulhall: Did you ever get mad at the old man for what he done to you?

    Meadows: Well, he was just...

    Buddusky: ...doin' his job. Hey, they're gonna take eight years outta your life, man.

    Meadows: Six years. You said six!

    Buddusky: Hey, what the fuck difference does it make? You don't even care about it.

    Mulhall: Come on, Badass, that don't help him.

    Buddusky: Fuck help, fuck fair! Fuck injustice! Don't you ever just wanna fuckin' whomp and stomp on someone, bite off their ear, just to do it...? I mean just to do it, just to get it out of your system?

  • Meadows: I do remember something I got mad at. Something when I was in the brig, a Marine did.

    Buddusky: What happened? Grunts beat you up?

    Meadows: Yeah... but that didn't get me mad.

    Buddusky: Well, goddamn it, what *did* get you mad?

    Meadows: This Marine guard... he asked me if I believed in Jesus Christ. And I said, "Yeah." And he said that from now on, *he* was Jesus Christ, and I shouldn't ever forget it.

    Buddusky: What did you do? Did you hit him?

    Meadows: Now can you imagine that? That's awful!

    Buddusky: Did you cold-cock him?

    Meadows: He better hope the Chaplain don't catch him at that.

    Mulhall: Shit... most of the Navy Chaplains I know, they want to stand up on the bridge with the old man and look through aviator sunglasses.

    Meadows: Mule... it takes a lot of dedication to be a Chaplain in the Navy.

    Mulhall: It don't take diddly-shit, man!

  • Mulhall: [They're in a bar; Buddusky is competing in a darts game for money] You gotta' help me get Buddusky outta' here. He's bettin' with our travel money.

    Meadows: [looks up at the scoreboard] He's losing, too.

    Mulhall: Yeah!

    Buddusky: [Buddusky comes back over to their table] Now, don't worry about a thing. I'm hustling this guy, understand? I got him right where I want him.

    Meadows: Well, maybe he's hustling *you*?

    Buddusky: Yeah, maybe he is, but, uh, this is not the time to argue about it, because if I don't win, we don't leave New York, huh? Ha ha ha...

    Mulhall: [looks exasperated, shaking his head] Fourteen years... fourteen motherfucking years.

  • Mulhall: [They look confusedly at a big pile of shoes and boots inside the foyer of the Nichiren Shoshu discussion meeting] Well, what are we gonna' do?

    Meadows: Take off your shoes.

    Buddusky: [grins at Mulhall] Must be one of them Jap joints where we gotta' take off all our shoes. Know what I mean?

  • Buddusky: [Scoffing, after they've left the Nichiren Shoshu discussion meeting] Jesus, huh? What a bunch of candy-asses.

    Mulhall: Ever hear such happy horseshit?

    Buddusky: That one guy was a big homo, heh?

    Meadows: Yeah, but you guys, he sure was a *happy* homo.

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