McManus Quotes in The Usual Suspects (1995)


McManus Quotes:

  • [suspects in a lineup are asked to read a phrase]

    Interrogation Cop: Number 1, step forward.

    Hockney: Hand me the keys, you fucking cocksucker.

    Interrogation Cop: Number 2, step forward.

    McManus: Give me the fucking keys, you fucking cocksucking motherfucker, aaarrrghh.

    Interrogation Cop: Knock it off. Get back. Number 3, step forward.

    Fenster: [laughing] Hand me the keys, you cocksucker.

    Interrogation Cop: In English, please?

    Fenster: Excuse me?

    Interrogation Cop: In English.

    Fenster: Hand me the fucking keys, you cocksucker, what the fuck?

  • Hockney: What about it, pretzel man? What's your story?

    Keaton: His name's Verbal. Verbal Kint.

    McManus: Verbal?

    Keaton: Yeah.

    Verbal: 'Roger', really. People say I talk too much.

    Hockney: Yeah, I was just gonna tell you to shut up.

  • McManus: Old McDonald had a farm ee i ee i o. And on that farm he shot some guys. Badda boom badda bing bang boom.

  • Keaton: This whole thing was a shakedown.

    McManus: What makes you say that?

    Keaton: How many times you been in a lineup? It's always you and four dummies. PD are paying homeless guys $10 a head half the time. And there's no way they'd line five felons in the same row. No way. And what's a - What's a voice lineup? Public defender could get you out of that one.

  • McManus: What am I supposed to do with that?

    [McManus throws bag of heroin at Redfoot. Redfoot catches it]

    Redfoot the Fence: I don't know, feed it to the gimp. Ease his pain; I don't know what that is.

    [Redfoot throws bag at Verbal]

    McManus: What do you mean you don't know?

    [Keaton lays a hand on McManus]

    Keaton: Shut up.

    Redfoot the Fence: I don't know. I got thrown this job by some lawyer.

    Keaton: Yeah? Who?

    Redfoot the Fence: I don't know. Some limey. He's a middleman for someone, OK? He doesn't say, I don't ask.

    McManus: You're full of shit.

    Redfoot the Fence: Fuck you.

    McManus: Fuck you.

    Keaton: Listen to me. We want to meet him. OK?

    Redfoot the Fence: That's funny. He called me last night, he says he wants to meet you guys.

    Keaton: OK. We'll meet him. Good. Do that. No problem. Let's go.

    [Keaton turns around, ready to leave. McManus grabs him]

    McManus: I don't like it, Dean. I don't like it. Wait a minute. One more thing, tough guy. Any more surprises, and I'm gonna kill you.

    Redfoot the Fence: You're such a tough guy, McManus. Do me a favour, right. Get the fuck off my dick.

    [Redfoot flicks his cigarette butt at McManus and it lands on McManus's eye]

    McManus: Fuck!

    [McManus lunges at him in rage and has to be restrained by Keaton]

    Redfoot the Fence: Put a leash on that puppy. You know, it's an awful shame about Saul gettin' whacked. Cops'll be looking for the guys who did it. Sooner or later they're gonna come around asking me. You have a sweet night, ladies.

  • McManus: There's nothing that can't be done.

  • McManus: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Oswald was a fag.

  • McManus: We gotta bury him.

    Hockney: With what?

    McManus: With our hands.

    [McManus starts digging]

    Hockney: Oh, this is nuts! It's dry fucking sand, McManus. When he rots the surfers are gonna smell him a mile away!

    McManus: Dig, you fuck!

  • Keaton: McManus. What the fuck is going on?

    McManus: The strangest thing...

  • Redfoot the Fence: You guys interested in any more work?

    McManus: We're always looking for extra work.

    Keaton: We're on vacation.

    Redfoot the Fence: Well. That's too bad. I got a ton of work and I don't have any good people. Not like you guys.

    McManus: What's the job?

    Redfoot the Fence: There's this jeweler out of Texas named Saul. He rents a suite, some downtown hotel. Does free appraisals for people, sometimes he buys, sometimes he doesn't. Anyway, the word is he carries around a lotta cash. So I figure, I keep the merchandise, you keep the green. Simple.

    Hockney: What about security?

    Redfoot the Fence: Couple of bodyguards. Nothing you couldn't handle.

    McManus: Give me time to check it out?

    Redfoot the Fence: I expect nothing less from you, man.

    McManus: Good to see you. We'll call you.

    Redfoot the Fence: Good to see you too.

    McManus: All right.

    Redfoot the Fence: Enjoy LA. Get yourself laid.

  • Hockney: You kids ready?

    McManus: I would be if I didn't have to stop and answer to you.

  • McManus: The news said it's raining in New York.

  • McManus: Dean Keaton... gone clean huh? Say it aint so.

  • cop: [police break into McManus's apartment while he sleeps] Mr. McManus?

    McManus: [waking] Christ, don't you fucking guys ever sleep?

    cop: We have a warrant for your arrest.

    McManus: Fuck you, pig!

  • Keaton: Hey, uh... friend of mine in New York tells me that you know, that you knew Spook Hollis.

    Redfoot the Fence: The way I hear it, you did time with old Spook. Good man, wasn't he? I used to run dope for him. Too bad he got shivved.

    Keaton: Yeah... I shivved him. Better you hear it from me now than from somebody else later.

    Redfoot the Fence: I appreciate that. But just out of curiosity, was it business or personal?

    Keaton: A bit of both.

    Redfoot the Fence: Well, like I said, you give me a call if you're interested.

    [Redfoot and his crew begin to leave. McManus walks over to Keaton]

    McManus: Is there a problem?

    Keaton: One job, that was the deal.

    [Keaton turns and walks away]

    McManus: One job?

    [McManus laughs]

    McManus: One job? That's a good one, Keaton!

  • McManus: You run and we're gonna be digging a hole for you, you got that?

  • McManus: [Holding a gun to Kobayashi's head] I'm the guy that's gonna get ya. I just wanted you to know that.

  • [Hockney talks about Keaton's girlfriend Edie Finneran while they're held after interrogation]

    McManus: How about it, Keaton? You a lawyer's 'wife'? What kinda retainer are you givin' her?

  • McManus: Better put a leash on that puppy!

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