Mayor Vaughn Quotes in Jaws (1975)


Mayor Vaughn Quotes:

  • Mrs. Kintner: Chief Brody?

    Brody: Yes?

    [Mrs. Kintner slaps Brody and sobs]

    Mrs. Kintner: I just found out, that a girl got killed here last week, and you knew it! You knew there was a shark out there! You knew it was dangerous! But you let people go swimming anyway? You knew all those things! But still my boy is dead now. And there's nothing you can do about it. My boy is dead. I wanted you to know that.

    [Mrs. Kintner walks away]

    Mayor Vaughn: I'm sorry, Martin. She's wrong.

    Brody: No, she's not.

  • Hooper: Mr. Vaughn, what we are dealing with here is a perfect engine, an eating machine. It's really a miracle of evolution. All this machine does is swim and eat and make little sharks, and that's all. Now, why don't you take a long, close look at this sign.

    [refers to the graffitied billboard]

    Hooper: Those proportions are correct.

    Mayor Vaughn: Love to prove that, wouldn't ya? Get your name into the National Geographic.

  • Mayor Vaughn: Martin, it's all psychological. You yell barracuda, everybody says, "Huh? What?" You yell shark, we've got a panic on our hands on the Fourth of July.

  • Mayor Vaughn: Fellows, let's be reasonable, huh? This is not the time or the place to perform some kind of a half-assed autopsy on a fish... And I'm not going to stand here and see that thing cut open and see that little Kintner boy spill out all over the dock.

  • Mayor Vaughn: I don't think either of one you are familiar with our problems.

    Hooper: I think that I am familiar with the fact that you are going to ignore this particular problem until it swims up and BITES YOU ON THE ASS!

  • Mayor Vaughn: Any special questions?

    Denherder: Uh, is that $3000 bounty on the shark in cash or check?

    [the townspeople laugh]

    Mrs. Taft: I don't think that's funny. I don't think that's funny at all, I'm sorry.

  • Mayor Vaughn: And what did you say the name of this shark is?

    Hooper: It's a carcaradon carcharias. It's a Great White

  • Mayor Vaughn: [to reporter] I'm pleased and happy to repeat the news that we have, in fact, caught and killed a large predator that supposedly injured some bathers. But, as you see, it's a beautiful day, the beaches are open and people are having a wonderful time. Amity, as you know, means "friendship".

  • Mayor Vaughn: I'm only trying to say that Amity is a summer town. We need summer dollars. Now, if the people can't swim here, they'll be glad to swim at the beaches of Cape Cod, the Hamptons, Long Island...

    Brody: That doesn't mean we have to serve them up as smörgåsbord!

  • Brody: [Amidst commotion] We're also planning to bring in some experts from the oceanographic institute on the mainland.

    Mayor Vaughn: For only 24 hours!

    Brody: I didn't agree to that!

    Mayor Vaughn: Only 24 hours.

    Extra Townswoman: 24 hours is like three weeks!

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