Matt Eckert Quotes in Red Dawn (2012)


Matt Eckert Quotes:

  • [last lines]

    Matt Eckert: We're not doing too bad for a bunch of kids. We're gonna fight, and we're gonna keep fighting, because it's easier now. And we're used to it. The rest of you are going to have a tougher choice. Because we're not going to sell it to you. It's too ugly for that. But when you're fighting in your own backyard, when you're fighting for your family, it all hurts a little less, and makes a little more sense. Because for them, this is just a place. But for us, this is our home.

    Prisoners: [repeatedly chanting in open rebellion against guards before liberation] Wolverines!

  • Matt Eckert: Hey! Hey, Pete!

    [gives Pete the middle finger]

    Pete: It's the Wolverines...!

    [Pete is blown up by a bomb]

  • Jed Eckert: [the Wolverines discover that Daryl has been "bugged" by the Russo-Cubans] Daryl... Where is it? Where is it?

    [Jed grabs Daryl, gets in Daryl's face and shouts]


    Darryl Bates: They made me swallow it.

    Matt Eckert: Daryl, what have you done?

    Darryl Bates: [nearly in tears] I went into town... and got caught.

    Jed Eckert: [shaking him and screeching with rage] YOU WENT AND GOT CAUGHT! WHY?

    Darryl Bates: [His voice breaks] You said we couldn't...

    Robert: You told them where we were, didn't you? You told them!

    Darryl Bates: [sobbing] My father turned me in. Oh God, they do things you can't imagine.

    Jed Eckert: [throws him down, growling with rage] AAAAGGHHH! You SON OF A BITCH!

  • Jed Eckert: [at the execution of Daryl Bates and Stepan Gorsky] Do you want blindfolds?

    Stepan Gorsky: This violates the Geneva convention.

    Jed Eckert: I never heard of it!

    Stepan Gorsky: Dogface! I show you how Soviet dies!

    Robert: I've seen it before, pal.

    Danny: [who is tied up in the distance, with the horses] This isn't happening! Jed, let him go! He was one of us!

    Jed Eckert: Shut up, Danny! Shut up!

    Robert: He told them where we were!

    Jed Eckert: He did. Now get your rifles.

    Matt Eckert: *No!*

    Jed Eckert: WHAT DID YOU SAY?

    Matt Eckert: *We're not doing it!*

    Stepan Gorsky: [to Daryl] Boy, say at me you are friend, so I will not die alone.

    Matt Eckert: What's the difference, Jed?

    Robert: I'll do it.

    Matt Eckert: Shut up, Robert!

    [to Jed]

    Matt Eckert: *Tell me what's the difference between us and them!*

    Jed Eckert: Because WE *LIVE* HERE!

    [kills Stepan; Robert kills Daryl]

  • Darryl Bates: [Pouring a can of soup in the pot] That's the last of it... except for the olives.

    Matt Eckert: We still got plenty of meat left.

    Danny: Just stuff you shot.

    Matt Eckert: So tell me, dork, where do you suppose hamburgers come from?

    Danny: Nobody shoots them.

    Darryl Bates: We need food.

  • Matt Eckert: [after their flight from Calumet, Jed is fixing the radiator on his pickup-truck] Did you get it?

    Jed Eckert: Yeah, I got it. Only thing is, we got one problem: we don't have any water.

    Matt Eckert: How about pissing in it?

    Jed Eckert: That's a good idea. Get up here.


    Danny: How do you know it'll work?

    Jed Eckert: How old are you, kid?

    Danny: Fifteen. And the name's Danny, not "kid."

    Jed Eckert: Well, when you grow up... then you'll know these things, Danny. Now get up here and piss in the radiator.

  • Matt Eckert: [after Toni and Robert are KIA, the Eckert Brothers plan a diversion while Danny and Erica cross the enemy lines] We're all that's left. Somebody's gotta live. Somebody's gotta make it. Me and Jed, we're all used up.

    Erica: I'm never gonna forget... as long as I live.

    Matt Eckert: Don't.

    Danny: You're never gonna know who won.

    Matt Eckert: Who WILL?

  • Jed Eckert: My family would want me to stay alive. Your family would want you to stay alive. You think you're so smart, man, but you're just a bunch of scared kids.

    Danny: So what do you think *you* are?

    Jed Eckert: ...Alone, I guess.

    Matt Eckert: [comes and stands with him] No, you're not.

  • Jed Eckert: [after the deaths of Aardvark and Colonel Tanner] It's kind of strange, isn't it? How the mountains pay us no attention at all. You laugh or you cry... The wind just keeps on blowing.

    Matt Eckert: You're getting pretty low on feelings, aren't you?

    Jed Eckert: I can't afford them.

    Matt Eckert: Even if that had been me instead of Aardvark?

  • Erica: [to Stepan] Do you speak German?

    Matt Eckert: So what if he does? You don't.

    Stepan Gorsky: Gorsky, Stepan Yevgenyvitch...!


    [He and his fellow Wolverines proceed to beat up Stepan]

    Danny: [as he and Toni look on] They're gonna hurt him!

    Toni: Good!

  • Matt Eckert: Why don't you make yourself useful?

    Erica: You wash it! We're never doing your washing again! Me and her is as good as any of you!

    Matt Eckert: So what's up your ass?

    Erica: Shut up! Don't you ever say that again! Hear me? Say that again, I'll kill you! Hear me? I'll kill you.

    Matt Eckert: So what did I do?

    Toni: What you said was wrong.

  • Matt Eckert: I'm your brother. Make it count.

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