Mathilde Quotes in The Hairdresser's Husband (1990)


Mathilde Quotes:

  • Mathilde: ...then promise me something, just one thing: the day you don't love me anymore don't pretend you do.

  • Mathilde: [Lettre:] Mon amour, je m'en vais avant que tu t'en ailles. Je m'en vais avant que tu ne me désires plus, parce que alors il ne nous restera que la tendresse et je sais que ça ne sera pas suffisant. Je m'en vais avant d'être malheureuse. Je m'en vais en apportant le goût de nos étreintes, en apportant ton odeur, ton regard, tes baisers. Je m'en vais en apportant les souvenirs des plus belles années de ma vie, celles que tu m'as données. Je t'embrasse longuement, jusqu'à mourrir. Je t'ai toujours aimé. Je n'ai aimé que toi. Je m'en vais pour que tu ne m'oublies jamais. Mathilde.

  • Mathilde: [Reading a magazine] "Lose 10 pounds in two weeks on nothing but cucumbers and tea..."... You buy that?

    Antoine: Where'd you read it?

    Mathilde: In this... They say it's medically proven.

    Antoine: What time is it?

    Mathilde: A quarter to 7.

    Antoine: Let's close up... Lose half a pound and I'll throw myself under a bus...

    Mathilde: Then promise me something... just one thing: the day you don't love me anymore don't pretend you do.

    [a customer is trying to come in/door is locked]

    Mathilde: A customer!

    Antoine: He'll be tomorrow's customer.

  • Antoine: Dance with me...

    Mathilde: I don't know how to dance to this music.

    Antoine: Neither do I... So? Close your eyes, tell yourself no one is looking at you... Come on... See how easy it is?... Someday... I'll buy a lottery ticket. Just one. Of course I'll win the jackpot... We'll cruise down the Nile, dancing on the deck of a paddle boat from morning to night, watching the sun go down behind the Pyramids!

    Mathilde: Hold me tight, Antoine, with all your might!... Crush my breasts so tight I can't breathe!... I'm scared that someday you won't want to dance with me.

    Antoine: What nonsense!... Not plaster my belly against yours?... Or feel your skin?... Or caress your shoulders?... Your neck?... Your ass?

    Mathilde: I've known other men, Antoine, but no one like you... I've never belonged to anyone...

    Antoine: I ask nothing of you.

    Mathilde: Hold me tight!

  • Mathilde: [Letter:] "My love, I'm going before you do. I am going before your desire dies... Then we'd be left with affection alone, and I know that won't be enough... I'm going before I grow unhappy... I go bearing the taste of our embraces, your smell, your look, your kisses... I go with the memory of my loveliest years, the ones you gave me... I kiss you now, so tenderly I'll die of it... I have always loved you... I have loved only you... I'm going so you never forget me... Mathilde."

  • Mathilde: [peeling an apple] If I don't break the peel, Manech is alive.

  • [repeated line]

    Mathilde: Ashes to ashes. Ashes to ashes.

  • Mathilde: [after climbing out of her wheelchair] Miracles don't just happen in Lourdes, you know.

  • Séverine Serizy: Who's Hippolyte?

    Charlotte: Wait and see. An odd sort of guy.

    Mathilde: When he has money he throws it around.

    Charlotte: And when he's broke, he wants it for free.

    Madame Anais: [Enters] Come on, girls. All three of you.

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