Mason Storm Quotes in Hard to Kill (1990)


Mason Storm Quotes:

  • Senator Vernon Trent: You can take that to the bank!

    Mason Storm: I'm gonna take you to the bank, Senator Trent. To the blood bank!

  • Mason Storm: This is for my wife. Fuck you and die!

  • [Storm fires a shot between the Senator's legs]

    Mason Storm: I missed! I never miss! They must have been smaller than I thought!

  • Mason Storm: How do you like this, Vernon? I'd like to kill you so bad I can barely contain myself. But I've been thinking. Death is far too merciful a fate for you. So what I'm going to do is... put you in prison. A nice petite white boy like you in a federal penitentiary... Let me just put it this way, I don't think you'll be able to remain anal-retentive for very long.

  • [Storm has just killed Capt. Hulland]

    Mason Storm: Now you're a good cop.

  • Mason Storm: So, how come you're not watching the Oscars tonight?

    Counterman: The Oscars?

    Mason Storm: Yeah, the Oscars.

    Counterman: I hate the Oscars.

    Mason Storm: You're not having a good time, huh?

    Counterman: I mean, who needs the goddamn movies anyway? I got a show in here every single night.

    Mason Storm: Yeah?

    Counterman: You've got horror, sex, freaks, violence. I don't got to pay no four bucks either.

  • Felicia Storm: If people knew how sweet you are, they'd never be scared of you... I'm not scared of you.

    Mason Storm: Maybe you should be.

  • Felicia Storm: There's blood on your shirt.

    Mason Storm: It's not my blood, so you don't have to worry, do you?

  • [the owner of Mason Storm's former house enters a room where Storm has caused a mess]

    Mason Storm: I'm sorry, but your contractor's doing a lousy job.

  • [a shotgun is pointed at Mason Storm]

    Shotgun Punk: What are you grinning at, huh?

    Mason Storm: Well, you know... there's only four of you guys, and... you only have one shot left in here. You know?

  • Punk: I'm gonna cut your fucking heart out!

    Mason Storm: Yeah? Well, come and cut my heart out, okay? Come and cut my heart out!

  • [a knife-wielding punk wants to cut Mason, but Mason is holding a shotgun]

    Mason Storm: Oh, I know what you're thinking. Mine's bigger than yours, right? It's not fair.

  • Mason Storm: [to Capt. Hulland] How does it feel to know you're about to die?

  • Youth: [eyeing the shot-up Jeep Storm's driving] How hot is it, homes?

    Mason Storm: Smokin'

    Youth: You got it!

    [they switch vehicles]

  • Mason Storm: We're outgunned, and undermanned. But you know sumpin'? We're gonna win. You know why? Superior attitude. Superior state of mind.

  • Mason Storm: Who are you?

    Danny: My name is Danny. I'm the physical therapist. I'm going to give you a massage, take you down the hall, and make you feel all right, okay?

    Mason Storm: Get the fuck out of here.

    Danny: Okay, don't worry about anything. I'm just going to take you down the hall.

  • Mason Storm: You give me this beard.

    Andy Stewart: Yeah.

    [both start laughing]

    Andy Stewart: Well, you tried.

    [Mason starts laughing and Andy looks at him]

    Mason Storm: You ever been to China town.

    Andy Stewart: Yeah, why?

    Mason Storm: These are just some needles and herbs for my recovery.

    Andy Stewart: Wow, how did you learn to write in Chinese.

    Mason Storm: Well, when I was kid. My father was a missionary. I spent the first 10 years of my life in China. There, I learned how to fight as you could imagine. I remember going to my martial arts teacher.

    [he imitiates the teacher]

    Mason Storm: He said, "Why you come to me" and I say, "Ah, to learn how to fight." And he's like, "Oh, so you wanna hurt people, but you wanna be great." I say, "Yeah, I wanna be great. "Then first learn how to heal people to be great, to hurt people is easy."

    [both looking at each other]

  • [Mason and Andy are packing up]

    Andy Stewart: Where are we going?

    Mason Storm: Out of here.

  • Mason Storm: What year is it?

    Andy Stewart: Try not to talk.

    Mason Storm: What year is it?

    Andy Stewart: It's 1990.

  • Mason Storm: [Mason has a gun drawn, looking for Senator Trent] Oh, Vernon? Come on out, Vernon... No, you're not under the bed... You're so good at this, Vernon.

  • Mason Storm: [pointing a gun at the thugs in the pool room] How's the action, boys? Mind if I play? I know what you're thinking. If I have this in my hand that I can't play. How's this? Gonna put it away.

    [puts away gun]

    Mason Storm: Well, somebody hand me a cue.

  • [first lines]

    Mason Storm: Come on. Let's go, guys. I'm missin' the Oscars.

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