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Mason Rand Quotes:

  • Red Beard: Them boots is what I want first.

    Mason Rand: Them boots is what you're not gonna get!

    [coming out of the shadows with his shotgun]

  • Woody: Man, I'm gonna cut you deep!

    Mason Rand: Why don't you do that?

    [challenging him]

    Woody: I'm gonna make you cry!

    [lunges at him]

  • Mason Rand: [after Marty shoots at a buck and misses] Did you hit him?

    Marty Adler: I think so.

    Mason Rand: Then you track him, hotshot.

    Marty Adler: There's other deer!

    Mason Rand: Not for you there isn't, Marty. That buck could be wounded. He could crawl off behind some windfall and die. He could die very slowly. Do you that's right, Marty?

    Marty Adler: No.

    Al Coleman: Well, I guess we'd better get after him.

    [Ralph agrily gives Marty back his rifle. It was supposed to be Ralph's shot]

  • Al Coleman: I mean those slimy bastards kicked out my fog lights!

    Mason Rand: Forget about it, Al. We've got deer to hunt come sun-up.

  • Ralph Coleman: [the hunters find the mutilated body of a game warden hung from a tree] Holy mother of God!

    Marty Adler: We're screwed!

    Mason Rand: Like hell we are!

    Marty Adler: They're gonna kill us! We're all gonna...

    Mason Rand: Shut up, Marty, God-dammit! How long since the wardens took the poachers out of here, David?

    David Rand: Three hours?

    Ralph Coleman: We gotta get out of her right now! They could be any place around here!

    Mason Rand: Listen, Ralph, if they knew where we were, we'd be fighting them right this minute. It's not all bad if we handle ourselves and don't fucking panic!

    Al Coleman: Look, if we can get back to that Bronco, I can get us out of here.

    Mason Rand: No. They're probably hitting the camp right now. They're not going to let us out of here alive Al, they can't do that.

    Ralph Coleman: I thought this was over with... it's just beginning!

  • Mason Rand: I'm scared, son. I don't want to be.

  • Marty Adler: [the hunters have just cut the game warden's body down from the tree] What are we gonna do if we run into these guys?

    Mason Rand: Kill 'em. Get rid of that jacket. They'll spot you.

    Marty Adler: [Not wishing to part with the bright orange jacket] But it could be cold tonight!

    David Rand: You'd be colder dead.

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