Mary Todd Lincoln Quotes in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)


Mary Todd Lincoln Quotes:

  • Mary Todd Lincoln: Well, I wouldn't back away from what's right just because it's hard. My father used to say: plant your feet and stand firm. The only question is where to put your feet.

  • Mary Todd Lincoln: [On April 14, 1865] Lincoln! We'll be late for the theater!

  • Abraham Lincoln: [after she uses his hat to come to eye level] Miss Todd, you are a woman of ravishing resourcefulness.

    Mary Todd Lincoln: Mr. Lincoln, you have no idea.

  • Abraham Lincoln: I'm sorry, Mary. I'm sorry I've kept you in the dark all these years... I need you, Mary.

    Mary Todd Lincoln: I've waited a long time to hear you say those words.

  • Abraham Lincoln: Do you really want the truth, Mary?... Each and every night I go out... hunting vampires.

    Mary Todd Lincoln: [after a moment of silence] Well, how do you hunt these vampires?

    Abraham Lincoln: With an axe... a special silver axe, of course.

  • Mary Todd Lincoln: I came to Springfield for some one different. Some whose life was a bit more adventorous, and well... My apologies. I'm never this...

    Abraham Lincoln: Honest?

    Mary Todd Lincoln: Rude.

    Abraham Lincoln: Miss Todd, may I speak candidly? I, too, came here to better myself.

  • Mary Todd Lincoln: [to Lincoln] You have to win this war... If you don't, than all of it... then our son's death will have been for nothing.

  • Henry Sturgess: [to Lincoln] You know I can restore the dead.

    Mary Todd Lincoln: [entering the room] Do it... do it.

    Abraham Lincoln: Mary...

    Mary Todd Lincoln: Do it...

    [to Lincoln]

    Mary Todd Lincoln: Your journal... the one you always kept in your coat pocket... I know I shouldn't have, Abe, but I needed to know what you were hiding...

    [to Henry]

    Mary Todd Lincoln: If what you say is true, I beg you... give us our little boy back.

    Abraham Lincoln: Mary, he wouldn't be our little boy. He would be something else, something terrible. Trust me, you don't want that.

    Mary Todd Lincoln: You're asking me to trust you, after you lied to me for all these years?

    Abraham Lincoln: I did it to protect you, to protect our family.

  • Mary Todd Lincoln: It's called a dance. If we were meant to sit down, they would've call it something else.

    Abraham Lincoln: [smiling] Yes, I suppose they would have.

  • [Mary comes to visit Abe and Will in jail]

    Mary Todd Lincoln: I've spoken to the Senator. He'll have you out soon.

    Will Johnson: You're far too kind, Miss Todd.

    [indicates Abe]

    Will Johnson: And he's far too ugly to have a woman like you.

    Mary Todd Lincoln: [smiles] Well, I think plain-looking men are the best. It's why the Lord made so many of them.

  • Mary Todd Lincoln: No one has ever lived who knows better than you the proper placement of footfalls on treacherous paths.

  • Mary Todd Lincoln: No one is loved as much as you by the people. Don't waste that power.

  • Mary Todd Lincoln: Seward can't do it; you must. Because if you fail to acquire the necessary votes, woe unto you, sir. You will answer to me.

  • Abraham Lincoln: It's nighttime. Ship's move by some terrible power at terrific speed. And though it's imperceptible in the darkness, I have an intuition that we're headed towards a shore. No one else seems to be aboard the vessel. I'm keenly aware of my aloneness.

    Abraham Lincoln: [quoting Hamlet] "I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams."

    Abraham Lincoln: Hmm. I reckon it's the speed that's strange to me. I'm used to going at a deliberate pace. I should space you, Molly. I shouldn't tell you my dreams.

    Mary Todd Lincoln: I don't want to be spared if you aren't And you spare me nothing.

  • Abraham Lincoln: I ought to have done it, I ought have done for Tad's sake! For everybody goddamned sake! I should've clapped you in the madhouse!

    Mary Todd Lincoln: Then do it! Do it! Don't you threaten me,you do it this time! Lock me away! You'll have to, I swear if Robert is killed!

  • Mary Todd Lincoln: You think I'm ignorant of what you're up to because you haven't discussed this scheme with me as you ought to have done? When have I ever been so easily bamboozled? I believe you when you insist that amending the Constitution and abolishing slavery will end this war. And since you're sending my son into the war, woe to you if you fail to pass the amendment.

  • Mary Todd Lincoln: Smile, Senator Wade.

    Senator Bluff Wade: I believe I am smiling, Mrs. Lincoln.

  • Mary Todd Lincoln: All anyone will remember of me is I was crazy and I ruined your happiness.

    Abraham Lincoln: Anyone who thinks that doesn't understand, Molly.

    Mary Todd Lincoln: When they look at you, at what it cost to live at the heart of this, they'll wonder at it. They'll wonder at you. They should. But they should also look at the wretched woman by your side, if they want to understand what this was truly like, for an ordinary person, for anyone other than you.

  • Thaddeus Stevens: As long as your household accounts are in order, Madam, we have no need to investigate them.

    Mary Todd Lincoln: You have always taken such a lively, even prosecutorial interest in my household accounts, Mr. Stevens.

    Thaddeus Stevens: Your household accounts have always been so interesting.

    Mary Todd Lincoln: Yes, thank you, it's true. The miracles I have wrought out of fertilizer bills and cutlery invoices, but I had to. Four years ago, when the President and I arrived, this was a pure pigsty. Tobacco stains in the carpets, mushrooms sprouting from the ceilings! And a pauper's pittance allotted for improvements. As if your committee joined with all of Washington waiting, in what you anticipated to be our comfort in squalor, further proof that my husband and I were prairie primitives, unsuited to the position to which an error of the people, a flaw in the democratic process, had elevated us.

  • Mary Todd Lincoln: Abraham Lincoln! Will you never learn to keep your feet in shoes?

  • Abraham Lincoln: Miss Todd, you thought my face was funny, and the way I dressed was funnier, but the joke's on you.

    Mary Todd Lincoln: Why? I don't understand.

    Abraham Lincoln: Wait'll yuh dance with me.

  • Lincoln adviser: Oh, by the way, Mrs. Lincoln, have you met General Grant?

    Mary Todd Lincoln: [Laconically] Ah met'em. Took us a week to get the smoke out of the curtains.

  • Abraham Lincoln: [after a particularly hysterical outburst by Mary, he comes up to her; her back is to him] Why do you take every opportunity you can to make a public fool out of me and yourself? It's bad enough when you act like that in the privacy of our own home, but here in front of people! You're not to do that again, do you hear? You're never to do that again!

    Mary Todd Lincoln: [she turns to face him amazed, then] You never spoke to me like that before. You lost your temper, Abe... you've never done that before.

    Abraham Lincoln: I'm sorry.

    [He turns and walks away from her]

    Abraham Lincoln: I still think youn should go home rather than stay here and endure the strain of this Death Watch.

    Mary Todd Lincoln: [slowly goes to the door, opens it, pauses, then turns back to him] This is the night I dreamed about when I was a child... when I was an excited young girl and all the gay young gentlemen of Springfield were courting me... and I fell in love with the least likely of them. This is the night I'm waiting to hear that my husband is become President of the United States... and even if he does, it's ruined for me.

    [He turns to stare at her]

    Mary Todd Lincoln: It's too late.

    [She slowly leaves]

  • Mary Todd Lincoln: [Contemptuously as she hears crowd noises from outside] Stephen Douglas has arrived. Listen to them cheering for him!

    Abraham Lincoln: [Laconically] They ought to cheer. He paid 'em enough for it.

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