Mary Magdalene Quotes in The Miracle Maker (2000)


Mary Magdalene Quotes:

  • Mary Magdalene: [running through the streets] I see you! Hahaha!

    [thinks buildings are closing in on her]

    Mary Magdalene: Agh!

    [runs to a hill, cackling]

    Jesus: Mary! Mary!

    Mary Magdalene: We know who you are! Jesus! Son of the most high... God!


    Jesus: Come out of her! Let her go!

  • Mary Magdalene: [sees empty tomb]


    Mary Magdalene: They've taken the body. Oh!


    Mary Magdalene: Oh my Lord! My Lord!

    Jesus: [appears behind her] Why are you crying?

    Mary Magdalene: [sobbing] They... they've taken my Lord away! And I don't know where they have put him!

    Jesus: [sits behind her] Tell me who you're looking for.

    Mary Magdalene: Oh sir, if you're the gardner, please tell me where they've taken him.

    Jesus: *Mary*

    Mary Magdalene: [turns around]


    Mary Magdalene: Lord?

    Jesus: It's all right.

    [Mary embraces him]

    Jesus: You don't have to hold on to me now. Go! Tell everyone! Tell Peter!

  • Tamar: Why are we meeting in secret?

    Mary Magdalene: Because Jesus is safer here.

    Cleopas: No one would arrest him at Passover.

    Tamar: [surprised] Arrest him?

  • Mary Magdalene: [rambling] Hands off me! I'll give you murderers! Your money.

    [tosses money at tax collectors]

    Mary Magdalene: Your money!

    Tax Collector: Leave this one. She's the mad woman from Magdala.

    Matthew: [wearily] How much does she owe?

    Simon Peter: Nothing! And nor do we! We caught nothing, no catch, no money. We're not paying taxes for thin air!

    Mary Magdalene: [muttering] I told the emperor. I told the emperor about you.

  • Mary Magdalene: [rambling] Thieves! You think I don't see you? The emperor, he told me... I know! Oh!

    [looks towards workers]

    Mary Magdalene: Oh lovely.

    Carpenter: [mockingly] Lovely!

    [they laugh]

    Foreman: Back to work!

    Mary Magdalene: [smiling at Foreman] You like nice things?

    Foreman: Get out!

    [shoves Mary to the ground]

    Foreman: Out!

    Mary Magdalene: [screams] Agh!

    [Foreman goes to strike her with a scourge, is blocked by Jesus]

    Tamar: [points to Jesus] Father.

    Mary Magdalene: [whimpering] Mmm...

    [Jesus kneels in front of Mary, but she runs away]

    Jairus: [dismissive] This is how it is in Sepphoris, an unholy place for the synagogue!

    Tamar: Father!

  • Virgin Mary: I am alone now, share my table.

    Mary Magdalene: I am a woman of sin.

    Virgin Mary: You will share my table.

    Mary Magdalene: I have done much evil.

    Virgin Mary: Child, God knows evil exists as well as good. Just as there is light and darkness. Evil exists that we may be the better for it.

  • Mary Magdalene: [after Christ leaves her in the garden] He is risen.

  • Mary Magdalene: Will you speak to your son for me?

    Virgin Mary: [humbled by the request] Intercede...

  • Mary Magdalene: [Speaking to herself] I am LUST! Hold me fast, Mary - my arms are the gates of life! I am GREED! I drain hearts, but I fill thy purse - let Him not destroy me! Keep me, Mary - I am PRIDE! Through me thou hast enslaved Kings! We are GLUTTONY-INDOLENCE-ENVY-ANGER! We teach thee to forget, and to hate, and to consume!

  • Mary Magdalene: Harness my zebras - gift of the Nubian King! This Carpenter shall learn that he cannot hold a man from Mary Magdalene!

  • Mary Magdalene: Where is this vagabond carpenter?

  • Mary Magdalene: Go fetch my richest perfumes!

  • Mary Magdalene: I've been living to see you, dying to see you, but it shouldn't be like this! This was unexpected. What do I do now? Oh, could we start again, please?

  • Woman: I think I've seen you somewhere... I remember! You were with that man they took away; I recognize your face.

    Peter: You've got the wrong man, lady! I don't know him! And I wasn't where he was tonight, never near the place.

    Man: That's strange, for I am sure I saw you with him. You were right by his side, and yet you denied.

    Peter: I tell you I was never, ever with him!

    Soldier: But I saw you too; it looked just like you!

    Peter: I don't know him!

    Mary Magdalene: Peter, don't you know what you just said? You've gone and called him dead.

    Peter: I had to do it, don't you see? Or else they'd go for me!

    Mary Magdalene: It's what he told us you would do. I wonder how he knew?

  • Mary Magdalene: I don't know how to love him. I don't know why he moves me. He's a man, he's just a man. And I've had so many men before, in very many ways, he's just one more.

  • Mary Magdalene: I'll keep your secret. I promise!

  • Mary Magdalene: I was in a deep pit, falling faster and faster, never knowing when I would hit the bottom that would put an end to it all.

  • Mary Magdalene: Haven't you done enough? Hasn't he done enough for you?

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