Mary Jane Watson Quotes in Spider-Man 3 (2007)


Mary Jane Watson Quotes:

  • Mary Jane Watson: Who are you?

    Peter Parker: I don't know...

  • Harry Osborn: It's a funny feeling, not knowing who you are. I get a bump on the head and I'm free as a bird.

    Mary Jane Watson: Can you bump me on the head?

    Harry Osborn: [taps MJ on the head] Bop!

    Mary Jane Watson: [reacts to tap by throwing head back and laughing]

  • Mary Jane Watson: Tell me again. Was I really good? I was so nervous. My knees were shaking.

    Peter Parker: Your knees were fine.

    Mary Jane Watson: The applause wasn't very loud.

    Peter Parker: Yes, it was. Well, it's the acoustics. It's all about diffusion. It keeps the sound waves from grouping. You see when the sound waves, they propogate, then it's like an...

    Mary Jane Watson: You are such a nerd.

  • Mary Jane Watson: Tell me you love me?

    Peter Parker: I love you... I love you so much. I always have.

  • Mary Jane Watson: That was OUR kiss!

  • Mary Jane Watson: Do you want to push me away?

    Peter Parker: Push you away? Why would I want to push you away... I love you!

  • Mary Jane Watson: [Peter jumps up to save Mary Jane] Peter. They're gonna kill us both.

    Spider-Man: I'm gonna get you out of this.

  • Mary Jane Watson: Let me ask you something. When you kissed her, who was kissing her? Spider-man, or Peter?

  • Mary Jane Watson: We've all done terrible things to each other, but we have to forgive each other. Or everything we ever were will mean nothing.

  • Gwen Stacy: I mean who gets kissed by Spider-Man, right?

    Mary Jane Watson: I can't imagine.

  • Mary Jane Watson: You know what? I'd like to sing on stage for the rest of my life... with you in the first row.

    Peter Parker: I'll be there.

  • Peter Parker: I don't need your help.

    Mary Jane Watson: Everybody needs help sometimes, Peter. Even Spider-Man.

  • Peter Parker: [walking over the bridge in Central Park] You look beautiful!

    Peter Parker: [MJ doesn't respond, Peter shows some flowers] Peonies

    Peter Parker: [looks at MJ as he can sense something is wrong with her] You okay?

    Mary Jane Watson: No! There's something I need to tell you right now, Pete!

    Peter Parker: [confused] What?

    Mary Jane Watson: 'Tis not working! You and Me!

    Peter Parker: [confused and quite shocked] What?

    Mary Jane Watson: I don't wanna see you anymore!

    Peter Parker: [still confused in despair] You kidding me, right?

    Mary Jane Watson: No! I kid not, Pete! I don't love you anymore!

    Peter Parker: What are you mean! What are you talking about?

    Mary Jane Watson: I'm all alone! I'm lonely and you aren't there for me! It's all over!

    Peter Parker: No! MJ, Please don't say that! I know I haven't been myself lately but listen! I can do better and I can change!

    Mary Jane Watson: Pete! It is not that simple!

    Peter Parker: But we love each other! I love you! If people have problems don't they sit down and talk it all through together!

    Mary Jane Watson: [covers her face]

    Peter Parker: [goes into his pocket to get the engagement ring his Aunt May gave him] MJ! I've got something to show you!

    Mary Jane Watson: What?

    Peter Parker: [shows MJ the engagement ring] Look! Do you see this ring?

    Mary Jane Watson: [gasps]

    Peter Parker: Do you realise what I've always wanted to do to you?

    Mary Jane Watson: There's someone else! I've fallen for someone else!

    [walks off]

  • [Mary Jane arrives at Peter's door, brandishing a newspaper with a review of her Broadway debut]

    Mary Jane Watson: The review.

    Peter Parker: Oh!

    Mary Jane Watson: They hated it. They hated me.

    Peter Parker: Well, they can't hate you.

    Mary Jane Watson: [quoting] The young Miss Watson is a pretty girl, easy on the eyes, but not on the ears. Her small voice didn't carry past the first row.

    Peter Parker: That's ridiculous! I was right there.

    Mary Jane Watson: You were in the first row.

    Peter Parker: Yeah, but that's - listen. You were great. That's a critic. This is something you're gonna have to get used to. Believe me, I know. Spider-Man gets attacked all the time.

    Mary Jane Watson: This isn't about you. This is about me. It's about my career.

    Peter Parker: I know, and I'm just saying, you can't let it, you can't let it bring you down. You just gotta believe in yourself and you pull yourself together. You get right back on the horse.

    Mary Jane Watson: Don't give me the horse thing! Try to understand how I feel.

    [He's still smiling at her, but she sits down glumly]

    Mary Jane Watson: It's just, I look at these words, and it's like my father wrote them.

  • Mary Jane Watson: [standing at Peter Parker's door] Had to do what I had to do.

    Peter Parker: Mary Jane.

    Mary Jane Watson: Peter. I can't survive without you.

    Peter Parker: You shouldn't be here.

    Mary Jane Watson: I know you think we can't be together, but can't you respect me enough to let me make my own decision? I know there'll be risks but I want to face them with you. It's wrong that we should be only half alive... half of ourselves. I love you. So here I am - standing in your doorway. I have always been standing in your doorway. Isn't it about time somebody saved your life?

    Mary Jane Watson: Well, say something.

    Peter Parker: Thank you, Mary Jane Watson.

    Mary Jane Watson: [They kiss, which is interrupted by police sirens. Peter stands, conflicted on whether he should respond. Mary Jane, with an accepting smile, responds:] Go get 'em, tiger.

  • Peter Parker: [unmasked, holding up the collapsing wall] Hi!

    Mary Jane Watson: Hi!

    Peter Parker: This is really heavy... MJ, in case we die...

    Mary Jane Watson: You do love me...

    Peter Parker: I do.

    Mary Jane Watson: Even though you said you didn't.

    Peter Parker: [nods]

  • Peter Parker: Can I get you a drink.

    Mary Jane Watson: I'm with John, he'll get me my drink.

    Peter Parker: John...

    Mary Jane Watson: By the way, John has seen my show 5 times. Harry has seen it twice. Aunt May has seen it. My sick mother got out of bed to see it. Even my father, he came backstage to borrow cash. But my best friend who cares so much about me, can't make 8 o'clock curtain. After all these years, he's nothing to me but an empty seat.

  • Mary Jane Watson: [on the giant spider web] I think I always knew all this time who you really were.

    Peter Parker: Then you know why we can't be together. Spider-Man will always have enemies. I can't let you take that risk. I will always be Spider-Man. You and I can never be...

  • Mary Jane Watson: Do you love me?

    Peter Parker: [pauses] ... No.

  • [last lines]

    Mary Jane Watson: Go get 'em, tiger.

  • Peter Parker: Would you think about it?

    Mary Jane Watson: Think about what?

    Peter Parker: Picking up where we left off.

    Mary Jane Watson: Where was that? We never got on. You can't get off if you don't get on Peter.

  • Mary Jane Watson: [sees Peter Parker approach her] Oh... you.

    Peter Parker: Listen, I'm sorry, but there was a disturbance.

    Mary Jane Watson: I don't know you and I can't keep thinking about you. It's too painful.

    Peter Parker: I've been reading poetry lately.

    Mary Jane Watson: Whatever that means.

    Peter Parker: Day by day he gazed upon her, Day by day he sighed with passion, Day by day...

    Mary Jane Watson: [Interrupts Parker] Don't start.

  • Mary Jane Watson: Peter I'm getting married.

    Spider-Man: I've always imagined you getting you married on a hill top.

    Mary Jane Watson: Who's the groom?

    Spider-Man: You hadn't decided yet.

  • Spider-Man: [after getting reprimanded by Mary Jane] I don't think it's that simple.

    Mary Jane Watson: Of course you don't! Because you complicate things!

  • Mary Jane Watson: [Dr. Octavius has tied up MJ and is busy working on other stuff] Hey! I'm talking to you! You got what you needed for your little science project. Now let me go!

    Dr. Otto Octavius: I can't let you go. You'd bring the police. Not that anyone can stop me now that Spider-Man is dead.

    Mary Jane Watson: He's not dead. I don't believe you.

    Dr. Otto Octavius: Believe it.

    [he puts on his goggles and starts up the machine]

  • [Peter is talking on M.J.'s answering machine]

    Peter Parker: I know you were afraid I would disappoint you.

    Mary Jane Watson: Bingo.

  • Mary Jane Watson: [in Aunt May's backyard] I liked seeing you tonight, Peter.

    Peter Parker: Oh boy, yeah...

    Mary Jane Watson: Oh boy, yeah, what?

    Peter Parker: Nothing.

    Mary Jane Watson: You want to say something?

    Peter Parker: I... was... wondering if you're still in the village...

    Mary Jane Watson: You're such a mystery. Peter...

    Peter Parker: What?

    Mary Jane Watson: Happy Birthday!

  • [John is lying on the couch]

    Mary Jane Watson: Could you lean your head back for me?

    John Jameson: Sure...

    [Leans his head back. M.J gives him an upside down kiss]

    John Jameson: Wow... I'm back on the moon

    [looks up at M.J]

    John Jameson: You up there with me?

  • [Mary Jane has decided not to invite Peter to her wedding]

    John Jameson: Thought he was your pal.

    Mary Jane Watson: Peter Parker?

    John Jameson: Yeah.

    Mary Jane Watson: Uh, he's just a great big jerk.

    John Jameson: Well, the world's full of great big jerks.

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