Mary Embrey Quotes in Hancock (2008)


Mary Embrey Quotes:

  • Mary Embrey: [referring to Hancock] We broke up decades ago. Long before you were born. He just can't remember.

    Ray Embrey: But you can. Right? You knew? That's something you might want to bring up on the first date, Mary. "I don't like to travel. I'm allergic to cats. I'm immortal." Okay? Those are some of the things you might want to give a little heads-up on.

    Mary Embrey: Whatever we are, we were built in twos, okay? We were drawn to each other. No matter how far I run, he's always there. He finds me. It's physics.

    Ray Embrey: What are you saying? Are you saying you two are fated to be together?

    Mary Embrey: I've lived for a very long time, Ray. And the one thing I've learned: Fate doesn't decide everything. People get to choose.

    Hancock: And you chose to let me think I was here alone.

    Mary Embrey: I didn't think you'd miss what you didn't remember.

  • Ray Embrey: What about you, buddy? You're from another planet, aren't you?

    Hancock: No man, I'm from Miami.

    Ray Embrey: You didn't come on in, like, a meteor or...

    Hancock: Nope. Woke up at a hospital, first thing I remember.

    Ray Embrey: Government hospital. Yes? Experimenting on you and...

    Hancock: No, Ray. Regular old Miami emergency room.

    Ray Embrey: Come on.

    Hancock: Yeah, uh, my skull was fractured. They told me I tried to, uh, stop a mugging.

    Ray Embrey: Somebody knocked you out.

    Hancock: Guess I was a regular guy before and when I woke up, I was changed. Uh, and the hospital nurse tried to put a needle in my arm and it just broke against my skin. And then my skull healed, in, like in an hour. The doctors were astounded and, uh, they wanted to know my story. Just like you. But, uh, I couldn't tell 'em. I don't know who I am.

    Mary Embrey: Amnesia. You know, the blow to the head.

    Hancock: Yeah, well, that's what they figure.

    Ray Embrey: You don't remember anything?

    Hancock: No. Only thing I had in my pocket was bubble-gum, two movie tickets. Boris Karloff. Uh, Frankenstein. Uh... But no ID, nothing. I went to sign out. The, uh, nurse asked me for my John Hancock. And, uh... I actually thought that's who I was.

  • Hancock: You and I...

    Mary Embrey: You and I what?

    Hancock: ...we're the same.

    Mary Embrey: No. I'm stronger.

    Hancock: Really?

    Mary Embrey: [smiling] Oh yeah.

    Hancock: Who are we?

    Mary Embrey: Gods, angels... Different cultures call us by different names. Now all of a sudden it's superhero.

    Hancock: Are there more of us?

    Mary Embrey: There were. They all died. It's just the two of us.

  • Hancock: I hate to burst your little crazy-lady bubble, but it most not been all that great, 'cause I don't remember you.

    Mary Embrey: Call me crazy one more time.

    Hancock: Cuckoo.

  • Mary Embrey: [referring to Hancock] Did he... just take the whiskey bottle to the bathroom?

    Ray Embrey: Do you want him to kill us all?

  • Ray Embrey: Why were you flying? You were flying, Mary.

    Hancock: Yeah, she was definitely flying.

    Mary Embrey: Okay, I was flying. And I'm very strong as well. It's just the way we are.

    Ray Embrey: We?

    Mary Embrey: Me and him. It's just us now. All the others paired up and died.

    Hancock: Oh, you didn't say anything about the others paired up, at the trailer.

    Ray Embrey: You were at his trailer.

    Mary Embrey: It's very hard for me to explain.

    Ray Embrey: Great, I'm all ears, Mary.

    Hancock: Me too.

    Ray Embrey: Do me a favor. Just give me and my wife one moment.

    Hancock: Hey, don't... Don't bring it here, Ray.

    Ray Embrey: The adults are talking, for one second.

  • Mary Embrey: [to Hancock] If Ray ever finds out about me, you're dead.

  • Hancock: The way you deal with bullies - you take your right foot, bring it right up and catch him in his little piss pump.

    Mary Embrey: You don't have to do that, honey. Okay? Seriously.

    Aaron Embrey: It's a good idea.

    Hancock: You aim straight, make sure he can't use that thing for nothin' but a flap to keep the dust out of his butt crack.

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