Mary Blake Quotes in Bright Eyes (1934)


Mary Blake Quotes:

  • Mrs. Elizabeth Higgins: It's just a bit of a Christmas gift for Shirley.

    Mary Blake: You're so kind. I bought a few things for her, not very much of course. Things were different when her father was alive.

    Mrs. Elizabeth Higgins: Yes, the poor young fellow. But it must be a comfort to know you're doing all you can for her. She's such a sweet child. Not like that Joy. There's a brat if ever one lived.

  • Anita Smythe: Higgins!

    Higgins: Yes, madam?

    Anita Smythe: My cousin Miss Martin is arriving from New York tomorrow. I want to be sure that everything is done just right.

    Higgins: Yes, madam.

    Anita Smythe: Thomas, you'll meet her plane in the morning.

    Thomas, Chauffeur: Yes, madam.

    Anita Smythe: I'm very anxious to show her that we can do things exactly as well out here as they do in the east.

    Higgins: Yes, madam.

    Anita Smythe: I want perfect meals and perfect service.

    Higgins: Yes, madam.

    Anita Smythe: And Mary, I hope you'll remember what I told you this morning about visitors.

    Mary Blake: Yes, madam.

  • Uncle Ned Smith: Hey, where's your little girl?

    Mary Blake: She's gone to a Christmas party.

    Uncle Ned Smith: I don't believe in Christmas.

    Mary Blake: You don't?

    Uncle Ned Smith: It's all a lot of nonsense.

    Mary Blake: Well, I don't feel that way about it.

    Uncle Ned Smith: Here.

    [handing her some money]

    Uncle Ned Smith: Buy a Christmas present for Shirley from me. Christmas.


    Mary Blake: Well! What do you make of that?

    Mrs. Elizabeth Higgins: He never fooled me. He's only tough on the outside. Inside, he's soft as mush.

  • Anita Smythe: I don't approve of all these telephone calls, Mary.

    Mary Blake: I'm sorry.

    Anita Smythe: And I don't approve of all these aviators who keep coming here to see your little girl.

    Mary Blake: She's sort of a pet with them. They all knew her father.

    Anita Smythe: I know that, but I really can't have it. It isn't everyone who'd engage a maid with a small child. I have no fault to find with your work, but if you want to stay on with us, you'll have to correct these things.

  • Mary Blake: It's so wonderful of you boys to give Shirley her Christmas party.

    James 'Loop' Merritt: We're getting a big kick out of it ourselves.

    Mary Blake: She'll be so surprised. She doesn't expect much, you know.

    James 'Loop' Merritt: You get her down to the airport as early in the morning as you can.

    Mary Blake: I may not be able to come with her, but I'll be down just as soon as I can get away.

  • Shirley Blake: Mother, I dressed myself, and I put my clothes away, all folded and everything.

    Mary Blake: Well, you're your mother's little angel, that's what you are.

    Shirley Blake: No, I'm not, because angels have wings, like these.

    Mary Blake: Those are your daddy's pilot wings.

    Shirley Blake: I know, and now he's really an angel, isn't he?

    Mary Blake: Yes, darling.

  • J. Wellington Smythe: Why, Uncle Ned, why didn't you call us?

    Uncle Ned Smith: Call you? I yelled, and I shouted and I bellowed. A thanks lot of good it did me. No one pays any attention to me. No one cares what happens to me. All you do is think of yourselves.

    Anita Smythe: Oh, Uncle Ned, you know that isn't so.

    Uncle Ned Smith: Mary!

    Mary Blake: Yes, Mr. Symthe.

    Uncle Ned Smith: My name is Smith. His name is Symthe.

    Mary Blake: Yes, Mr. Smith.

    Uncle Ned Smith: Didn't you hear me holler a little while ago?

    Mary Blake: No, sir, I didn't.

    Uncle Ned Smith: These folks around here better get their ears fixed.

  • Mary Blake: I'm going to stay.

    Father Mullin: That's right. You're in probably the wickedest, most corrupt city, most Godless city in America. Sometimes it frightens me. I wonder what the end's going to be. But nothing can harm you if you don't allow it to because nothing in the world, no one in the world, is all bad.

  • Blackie Norton: Well sister, what's your racket?

    Mary Blake: I'm a singer!

    Blackie Norton: Let's see your legs!

    Mary Blake: I said, I'm a singer!

  • Mary Blake: Hello, Della. I'm glad to see you again.

    Della Bailey: You won't be for long. I just dropped over to tell you what I think of you. You know, I haven't seen this woman since she walked out on the best man in San Francisco to marry the town's number one rodent.

    Jack Burley: I think you better go, Della.

    Della Bailey: Oh, no. I've got a few things I want to tell you, too. Now, in case you folks don't follow me, I'll tell you that this mouse here has just had a padlock put on The Paradise and thrown all of Blackie Norton's performers in jail. That's what Blackie got for picking this phony up out of the gutter and giving her a chance.

    Jack Burley: Come on, folks.

    Della Bailey: Hold still. Don't think I want to breathe the air near you any longer than I have to. You ought to make that mouse awfully happy. Here's a five spot, brother. I'm buying back me introduction to you.

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