Marvel Quotes in The Hunger Games (2012)


Marvel Quotes:

  • Glimmer: [after seeing Cato fall from the tree while chasing Katniss] I'll do it myself.

    [she shoots an arrow and misses]

    Cato: Gimme that before I...

    Marvel: Get her.

    Marvel: Come on, come on, come on.

    [he shoots an arrow and misses]

    Katniss Everdeen: [calling down] Maybe you should throw the sword!

  • Glimmer: [cheering on Cato, who is going to kill Katniss] Go! You got this, Cato!

    Clove: Kill her, Cato!

    Marvel: Go! Go!

  • Marvel: [seeing Katniss in water and enthusiastically pointing her out] Oh! There she is! There she is!

  • Marvel: [Glimmer is mocking the girl they just killed] That's a pretty good impression.

  • Marvel: Fuck you!

    Molly McGrath: Fuck you what?

    Marvel: Fuck you... Coach McGrath.

    Molly McGrath: Better.

  • Molly McGrathMarvelTrumainePeanutCeruloLevander 'Bird' WilliamsKrushinskiPhillip FinchAlonzo: It's the sport of kings, better than diamond rings... football

  • Marvel: It's pretty though. Imagine the poor guy. I'll betcha nobody knows him all his life, and then... Say, wasn't there some guy in history who spent all his life looking for an honest man?

    Jo: Sure! In his day, men were men, but now they're too scared to be anything but honest.

  • Masie: Here's one for the books. "Sandwich man walks onto a wallet with forty-two grand in it."

    Jo: I'd like to find that man.

    Masie: Can you imagine? The darn fool turned it in.

    Marvel: His head must be a jellybean instead of what they thought it was!

  • Jo: Why don't you ditch that ham and get yourself a rich husband.

    Alice: Rich husband? Hah! I've heared they come that way. Not very often.

    Marvel: Often enough, but not our way.

    Alice: Oh, the girl has brains!

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