Martha Durand Quotes in My Mom's New Boyfriend (2008)


Martha Durand Quotes:

  • Henry Durand: You - you have a boyfriend?

    Martha Durand: A boyfriend? No... hell no. I'm not gonna make the same mistake I made with your father.

    Henry Durand: Okay, good.

    Martha Durand: I have several boyfriends.

    Emily Lott: Party hearty, Marty.

  • Martha Durand: Anyway, it just took me a long time to realize that there was something missing inside.

    Henry Durand: Missing from inside the house?

    Martha Durand: No, Henry, missing inside here, spiritually.

    Henry Durand: Oh.

    Martha Durand: So started my quest for enlightenment, inner peace, inner joy, the person who'd gotten buried alive in a sea of nicotine and packaged cakes.

  • Henry Durand: And the reason why we're here is...?

    Martha Durand: To have fun, because it's all over too freakin' fast.

  • Tommy Lucero: Your eyes... your eyes don't lie, do they?

    Martha Durand: Life's too short for lies.

  • Tommy Lucero: What do you see when you see me?

    Martha Durand: Oh, well, when I see you, I see nothing but trouble.

    Tommy Lucero: Yeah, I'm so bad that I should be forbidden.

  • Martha Durand: You are not being straight with me!

    Tommy Lucero: I will be.

    Martha Durand: Oh!

    [waves arms & stomps feet]

    Martha Durand: God damn it! I just... damn it!

    [stomps feet again]

    Martha Durand: Oh!

    Tommy Lucero: Wow...

  • Tommy Lucero: So... Am I gonna see you again?

    Martha Durand: That all depends on you.

    Tommy Lucero: Oh, Marty, what's going on?

    Martha Durand: Nothing. I'll see myself in.

    Tommy Lucero: Oh, come on. Come on! Marty, what's wrong with you? Come on!

    Martha Durand: I don't know who you think you are,coming into people's lives and making them fall in love with you like it's some kind of big, sick game.

    Tommy Lucero: What are you talking about?

    Martha Durand: Oh, you know exactly what I am talking about.

  • Martha Durand: I went to India.

    Henry Durand: You went to India?

    Martha Durand: Yeah.

    Henry Durand: You used to never leave the house.

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