Marshal Curly Wilcox Quotes in Stagecoach (1939)


Marshal Curly Wilcox Quotes:

  • Marshal Curly Wilcox: Come busting in here - you'd think we were being attacked! You can find another wife.

    Chris: Sure I can find another wife. But she take my rifle and my horse. Oh, I'll never sell her. I love her so much. I beat her with a whip and she never get tired.

    Dr. Josiah Boone: Your wife?

    Chris: No, my horse. I can find another wife easy, yes, but not a horse like that!

  • [last lines]

    Dr. Josiah Boone: Well, they're saved from the blessings of civilization.

    Marshal Curly Wilcox: Yeah.


    Marshal Curly Wilcox: Doc, I'll buy you a drink.

    Dr. Josiah Boone: Just one.

  • [Lt. Blanchard has just informed the stagecoach occupants that the cavalry will not escort them to Lordsburg]

    Marshal Curly Wilcox: This stage is going to Lordsburg. If you think it ain't safe to ride along with us, I figure we can get there without you soldier boys.

  • Marshal Curly Wilcox: Now folks, if we push on we can be in Apache Wells by sundown. Soldiers there will give us an escort as far as the ferry. Then it's only a hoot and a holler into Lordsburg. We got four men who can handle firearms - five with you, Ringo. Doc can shoot if sober.

  • [the stagecoach occupants vote on whether to continue without a cavalry escort]

    Marshal Curly Wilcox: You, Doc?

    Dr. Josiah Boone: I'm not only a philosopher, sir, I'm a fatalist. Somewhere, sometime, there may be the right bullet or the wrong bottle waiting for Josiah Boone. Why worry when or where?

    Marshal Curly Wilcox: Yes or no?

    Dr. Josiah Boone: Having that philosophy, sir, I've always courted danger. During the late war - when I had the honor to serve the Union under our great president, Abraham Lincoln... and General Phil Sheridan - well, sir, I fought mid shot and shell and cannon roar...

    Marshal Curly Wilcox: Do you wanna go back or not?

    Dr. Josiah Boone: No! I want another drink.

  • Buck: If I was you, I'd let them shoot it out.

    Marshal Curly Wilcox: Let who?

    Buck: Luke Plummer and the Kid. There would be a lot more peace in this territory if that Luke Plummer had so many holes in him he couldn't hold his liquor.

  • [the stagecoach occupants are voting whether or not to continue without a cavalry escort]

    Marshal Curly Wilcox: How 'bout you, Mr. Hancock?

    Samuel Peacock: Peacock. I'd like to go on, brother. I want to reach the bosom of my dear family in Kansas City, Kansas as quickly as possible; but, I may never reach that bosom if we go on... so, under the circumstances - you understand, brother - I think it best we go back with the bosoms... I mean the soldiers.

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