Mark J. Sheridan Quotes in U.S. Marshals (1998)


Mark J. Sheridan Quotes:

  • [after killing Royce]

    Sam Gerard: Welcome home Mark, wanna start running again?

    Mark J. Sheridan: I think I'm going back to bed.

  • [while pulling a concealed gun from his suit]

    John Royce: I guess you'll just have to slap the cuffs on me, and take me in...

    Mark J. Sheridan: Gerard!

    [Gerard pulls out his gun and shoots Royce]

  • Sam Gerard: [coming in and seeing Sheridan holding Royce at gunpoint] Freeze it. It is a long day for everybody. So, let's end it on a positive note.

    Mark J. Sheridan: For me or for you?

    Sam Gerard: If everybody walks away breathing, everybody wins.

    Mark J. Sheridan: How long you're gonna let me live if I let you take me in, huh? Did you forget about the plane?

    Sam Gerard: Look around you, you're caught.

    [Sheridan looks around to see the rest of Gerard's team closing in on him]

    Sam Gerard: C'mon Roberts. Let's go home.

    Mark J. Sheridan: No. You go home.

    [shoots Gerard in his left side]

  • Sam Gerard: [Seeing Sheridan picking the lock on his handcuffs] Goin' somewhere?

    Mark J. Sheridan: Na.

  • Stark: [seeing Sheridan taking the cigar boxes, which are supplies for him to acheive his asignment] Now, make sure you take it all. I don't want you back here again.

    Mark J. Sheridan: You don't believe me?

    Stark: I'm going as far as I'm prepared to go. I'll catch the rest on CNN.

    [as Sheridan leaves]

    Stark: Hey, good luck to you man.

  • Mark J. Sheridan: [punches Barrows in the face and draws his gun] You son of a bitch. Why did you do it? Why did you do it?

    Special Agent Frank Barrows: What are you talking about?

    Mark J. Sheridan: You don't know what I'm talking about? You're the one who's selling secrets to the Chinese.

    [throws Barrows a top secret report]

    Mark J. Sheridan: Here. This report tells about the invasion of Taiwan, the strategic defense of South Korea. Make sense now?

    Special Agent Frank Barrows: Please, I swear to god, I don't know what you're taking about.

    Mark J. Sheridan: [becoming upset] Don't lie to me!

    Special Agent Frank Barrows: Don't kill me, don't kill me! I'll do whatever you want.

    Mark J. Sheridan: Don't worry I'm not gonna kill you, you're goona make me righteous again. Now, why did you set me up.

    [points his gun at Barrows' crotch]

    Mark J. Sheridan: Why did you set me up?

    Special Agent Frank Barrows: Lamb was closing in, we needed a fall guy. With you caught red-handed, we were free and clear.

    Mark J. Sheridan: Who's we?

    Special Agent Frank Barrows: I can't.

    Mark J. Sheridan: [points his gun at Barrows' head] Who is we?

    Special Agent Frank Barrows: If i tell you, he'll kill me.

    Mark J. Sheridan: Then he won't get the chance.

  • [Roberts is being interrogated by the police]

    Detective Caldwell: Mr. Warren, we seem to have a small discrepancy here.

    [passes a file across the sheet; the photo is obviously not Roberts]

    Mark J. Sheridan: Oh, let me help you with that: uh, that's not me.

    Detective Caldwell: Yeah, we caught that. Uh, you're aware that it's illegal to carry a handgun in Chicago?

    Mark J. Sheridan: [laughs] Come on. You ever tried towing a car on the Dan Ryan at three o'clock in the morning without a handgun?

    Detective Caldwell: What about East 42nd and First Avenue in New York City?

    Mark J. Sheridan: What about it?

    Detective Caldwell: Ever been there?

    Mark J. Sheridan: No.

    Detective Caldwell: Never?

    Mark J. Sheridan: Never!

    [the detective takes off his glasses]

    Detective Caldwell: Hmm. Then you wouldn't know anything about the double homicide that took place there last December?

    Mark J. Sheridan: Obviously not.

    Detective Caldwell: That's interesting. 'Cause the prints we took off of you flag this.

    [shows Sheridan another sheet]

    Detective Caldwell: Federal arrest warrant, for Mark Roberts. Prints from the crime scene match yours.

    Mark J. Sheridan: This is bullshit.

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