Marion Bishop Quotes in Assault on Precinct 13 (2005)


Marion Bishop Quotes:

  • Jake Roenick: Don't miss, Bishop.

    Marion Bishop: Run fast, Sergeant.

  • Jake Roenick: [Throwing a badge on the table] So, I just killed someone. His name was Danny Barbaro, a cop... he works for Ray Portnow. Tell me Bishop, why are police officers risking their lives to get to you?

    Marion Bishop: I suppose you know who I am, Sergant Roenick?

    Jake Roenick: You're a scumbag gangster.

    Marion Bishop: Well, one of my scumbag partners in crime is your fellow officer, Marcus DuVall. Me and DuVall used to split things fifty-fifty. Marcus got greedy, he wanted more.

    Jake Roenick: So what?

    Marion Bishop: So, if I go to court and finger all of them... they go to jail, for the rest of their days.

  • Iris Ferry: I can't stop thinking about sex, I usually think about sex a lot but this is crazy

    Marion Bishop: Sex and death are very closely related, the Greeks called it Eros and Thanatos love and death, or sex as a way of nullifying thoughts of dying

  • Marion Bishop: Marcus Duvall still lives. To me this is unacceptable.

  • Jake Roenick: Why did I let her go?

    Marion Bishop: I know a lot about dying, Sergeant. There's two ways you can handle it. With self pity, or without it.

    Jake Roenick: Fuck you. Get out of my office.

    Marion Bishop: I see you've made your decision.

  • [repeated lines]

    Jake Roenick: So, our shit's still on pause. Is that it?

    Marion Bishop: Yeah, our shit's on pause.

  • Marcus Duvall: Call Roenick.

    Marion Bishop: Who's Roenick?

    [Marcus tortures Bishop by pressing his gun against Bishop's gunshot wound]

    Marion Bishop: .

    Marcus Duvall: It's that son of a bitch out there. Isn't it? Call Roenick. Tell him I'm dead.

    Marion Bishop: You know me, Marcus. I cannot tell a lie.


    Marion Bishop: Look at you. When I first approached you ten years ago, you couldn't look me in the eye. One of those nervous God fearing types. Now, you put a bullet in me, no hesitation. You're quite the changed man this New Year's, Marcus.

    Marcus Duvall: [acknowledging Bishop's refusal to cooperate] . Now, this is the last fucking time. Tell me where Roenick is.

    Jake Roenick: [Jake appears] He doesn't have to.

    [continuing to walk towards Duvall aiming his gun]

    Jake Roenick: Drop your weapon.

    [Duvall stands up and aims his weapon at Bishop with a long pause ensuing]

    Marion Bishop: What are you waiting for? Shoot him.

    Jake Roenick: Shut up! Put the gun down, Duvall.

    Marcus Duvall: What are you going to do? Are you going to shoot me? Arrest me? You going to kill a cop?

    Jake Roenick: There's only one cop here. Now, put the God damn gun down. You're caught! How many more people are you going to kill tonight?

    Marcus Duvall: As many as it takes.

    Jake Roenick: You make me fucking sick!

    [Duvall suddenly raises his gun and fires just as Roenick fires and both gentlemen fall]

    Jake Roenick: .

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