Mariner Quotes in Waterworld (1995)


Mariner Quotes:

  • [speaking of dry land]

    Mariner: Because I haven't seen it. And I've sailed further than most men have dreamed.

  • Mariner: I want the girl.

    Deacon: You know, I thought you were stupid, friend. But I underestimated you. You are a total freaking retard! Ha-ha-ha...

    Mariner: I want the girl. That's all.

    Deacon: Well, what on this screwed-up earth of ours makes you think you're gonna get her?

    [the Mariner takes a flare from his belt, and holds it over a hole leading down to the Deez's fuel hold]

    Mariner: You know what this is. I drop it, you burn.

    Doctor: We all burn...

    Deacon: Now-now-now, let's not do anything rash here. I mean, are you sure this kid is worth it? I mean, she never does stop talking, she never shuts up!

    Mariner: I noticed.

    Deacon: So what is it, then? It's the map.

    Mariner: She's my friend.

    Deacon: Golly gee, a single tear rolls down my cheek. You're gonna die for your friend.

    Mariner: If it comes to that.

    [He ignites the flare, and holds it over the hole again]

    Nord: He's bluffing! I'll kill him.

    Enola: He's not bluffing, he never bluffs.

    Deacon: SHUT UP!

    [to the Mariner]

    Deacon: I-I-I-I-I don't think you're gonna drop that torch, my friend.

    Mariner: Why not?

    Deacon: Because you're not crazy.

    [the Mariner smiles, lifts his hand, and drops the flare down the hole]

    Deacon: NO-O-O-O-O!

  • Mariner: I've seen your boat before. Haven't seen you.

  • Mariner: Two drifters meet. Something needs to be exchanged.

    Drifter: I know the code. But I'll give this one to you for free.

    Mariner: Nothing's free in Waterworld.

  • Helen: Did you see anything out there?

    Mariner: See what?

    Helen: An end, to all this water?

    Mariner: That old woman they buried today? She found the only end there is.

  • Mariner: What are the markings on her back?

    Helen: Some say it's the way to dry land.

    Mariner: Dry land is a myth.

    Helen: No, you said it yourself, that you've seen it.

    Mariner: You're a fool to believe in something you've never seen.

    Helen: But the things on your boat...!

    Mariner: The things on my boat, what?

    Helen: There are things on your boat that no one has ever seen. These shells, the music box and the reflecting glass. Well, if not from dry land, then where? Where?

    Mariner: You wanna see dry land? You really wanna see it? I'll take you there.

  • Enola: You're not so tough, you know that? How many people have you killed? Ten? Twenty?

    Mariner: You talk a lot.

    Enola: I talk a lot because you don't talk at all. Now, how many?

    Mariner: Including little girls?

    Enola: I'm not afraid of you. I told Helen you wouldn't be so ugly if you cut your hair.

    Mariner: In fact, you talk all the time. It's like a storm when you're around!

  • Mariner: My boat.

  • Mariner: This is my boat. I got it the way I like it. You take up space and you slow me down.

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