Marine Quotes in Heartbreak Ridge (1986)


Marine Quotes:

  • Marine: Just about cleaned you out. Sure makes you feel good, don't it, Gunny? Helping Uncle Sam battle dirty drawers.

    Highway: You pump the neighbor's dog again, Jakes, or are you always slack eyed and silly in the afternoon.

    Marine: Looks like you could use a little lift, Highway. Why don't you suck on one of these. Smooth as a prom queen's thigh only not quite as risky. Havana cured. Gotta pal over in Guantanamo in supply. We do each other favors. I've got lots of friends. Of course, I could always use another friend.

    Highway: So that we can do each other favors?

    Marine: Sure. See, if your pencil wasn't quite so sharp and your eyesight not quite so clear around here I could make your lot in the military life a lot more comfy. Not to mention down right rewardin'.

    Highway: Sergeant, you get that contraband stogie out of my face before I shove it so far up your ass you'll have to set fire to your nose to light it.

    USMC: Gunny Highway! Major Devin wants to see you ASAP.

  • Ben Yahzee: Hey do you guys know where we would find second joint assualt singnal?

    Marine: No fuckin' idea mac.

    Ben Yahzee: Thanks, thanks a bunch.

  • [last lines]

    Marine: I don't get it, Cap'n. Four howitzers, plenty of ammo, no breechblocks. They haven't fired a round.

    Marine Captain: Beats me.

  • Marine: Hey! The MP's will have us out of here. And when they do, you're dead.

    Spider: Says who, dick-breath?

  • Marine O.D.: [in bathroom at bus station] Sailor looks like he's lost something.

    Marine: Probably has trouble finding it with those thirteen buttons.

    Buddusky: If I was a Marine, I wouldn't have to fuck with no thirteen buttons. I'd just take my hat off.

  • Marine: I call Karate.

    Mulhall: And I call you a motherfucker!

  • Robert Thorn: What do you know about my son?

    Father Brennan: Everything.

    Robert Thorn: And what is that?

    Father Brennan: I saw its mother.

    Robert Thorn: You saw my wife.

    Father Brennan: I saw its mother.

    Robert Thorn: You are referring to my wife!

    Father Brennan: Its *mother*, Mr. Thorn!

    Robert Thorn: If this is blackmail, come and say it! What is it you're trying to say?

    Father Brennan: Its mother was a Jack...

    [Father Brennan is interrupted as the door behind him bursts open violently]

    Marine: Everything all right, sir?

    American secretary: You sounded strange. The door was locked.

  • Marine: [tapping him on the shoulder] Pardon me, Mr. Woods.

    Joe Woods: [without turning round] Yeah?

    Marine: I'm with the Marine outfit that's backing the show and I, I hear the Navy is taking your leading man tonight.

    Joe Woods: Don't worry about it, I'll get another.

    Marine: I know. That's what I wanted to talk to you about, Sir. You see, I was wondering if, maybe you could er... what I mean to say is, you see I used to be with the circus once and friends of mine think that I have great deal of, well I don't mean to sound conceited, I was...

    Joe Woods: [he turns to look] Sorry son, I know talent the minute it taps me on the shoulder, you just ain't got it, Kid.

    Faye Foss: Gosh, Joe, weren't you a little rough on that boy? I thought he had something.

    Joe Woods: Kindest thing I ever did for him. Never get anywhere in this business. Looks too much like Burt Lancaster.

  • Pvt. George Robert 'Skeet' Burns: Are you the Marine Corpse?

    Marine: No! I'm the fellow who killed the Dead Sea!

  • Marine: [talking into the CB radio] Howdy, you got Black Sheep here with Mama's Boy. Who we got? over.

    Fuller Thomas: Can I please get a better handle than Mama's Boy?

    Marine: No.

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