Marina Osorio Quotes in Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (1989)


Marina Osorio Quotes:

  • Marina Osorio: You want to fuck me, right? Get it over with.

    Ricky: Relax. We'll fuck when the time comes.

  • Marina Osorio: I'm taking my panties off. They show.

    Lola: What's worse, showing your panties or your pussy?

  • Lola: We're doing a number at the party tonight. I promised Maximo.

    Marina Osorio: What kind?

    Lola: Something sexy. But nothing complicated. From our old act.

    Marina Osorio: I'm not sure I remember.

    Lola: Sure you do. Some tits here, some ass there.

  • Lola: He'll be the end of my producing career.

    Marina Osorio: He's the nicest director I've ever had.

    Lola: That's just it. He'd like to be even nicer. You knew that, yet you still took off your panties!

    Marina Osorio: So what?

    Lola: So he sees that, gets aroused, and changes everything so he can save you!

  • Marina Osorio: Don't stare at me like that.

    Máximo Espejo: I'm not staring. I'm admiring.

  • Decorador: You'll have to tell me your secret when I get back.

    Marina Osorio: When's that?

    Decorador: In a couple weeks.

    Marina Osorio: Enjoy yourself. And get laid.

    Decorador: If I do, I'm not coming back.

  • Ricky: We met once a year ago at a bar name Lulu's. Remember? I'd just escaped from the institution. We met by chance at Lulu's. We went to your place and fucked. You don't remember? I promised to come back and protect you.

    Marina Osorio: Lots of men have said that!

    Ricky: But I'm here to prove it.

  • Ricky: I don't like tying you up.

    Marina Osorio: Then don't.

  • Marina Osorio: Will you help me?

    Ricky: You don't mind if I see you naked?

    Marina Osorio: Not anymore.

  • Marina Osorio: Now I remember.

    Ricky: What?

    Marina Osorio: I remember you now.

    Ricky: I don't follow.

    Marina Osorio: You said we'd screwed before, and I said I didn't remember. Well, now I remember, perfectly.

  • Ricky: I'd escape now and then, but I always went back.

    Marina Osorio: Why?

    Ricky: I had no where to go, and the Director lady liked me.

    Marina Osorio: That's why you're such a good lay.

    Ricky: With them it was different.

    Marina Osorio: Were there lots of directors?

    Ricky: No, only one director. The others were nurses.

  • Ricky: Will you run away if I don't tie you up?

    Marina Osorio: I don't know. You'd better tie me up. Tie me up.

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