Marietta Quotes in Whatever Works (2009)


Marietta Quotes:

  • Boris Yellnikoff: [to audience] I happen to hate New Year's celebrations. Everybody desperate to have fun. Trying to celebrate in some pathetic little way. Celebrate what? A step closer to the grave? That's why I can't say enough times, whatever love you can get and give, whatever happiness you can filch or provide, every temporary measure of grace, whatever works. And don't kid yourself. Because its by no means up to your own human ingenuity. A bigger part of your existence is luck, than you'd like to admit. Christ, you know the odds of your fathers one sperm from the billions, finding the single egg that made you. Don't think about it, you'll have a panic attack.

    Melodie St. Ann Celestine: Boris, what are you doing? Who're you talking to?

    Boris Yellnikoff: What? There's people out there watching us!

    Helena: What?

    Marietta: Out there?

    Boris Yellnikoff: Yeah, they're watching... well, there was when we started. I don't know how many are left.

    Melodie St. Ann Celestine: Does anybody see anybody out there?

    Marietta: Out there? No!

    Melodie St. Ann Celestine: Oh Boris...

    Boris Yellnikoff: [to audience] See? I'm the only one that sees the whole picture. That's what they mean by genius.

  • Marietta: How'd he get that limp?

    Melodie St. Ann Celestine: He jumped out the window and his suicide didn't work.

    Marietta: You can't win 'em all.

  • Boris Yellnikoff: It's uncanny, she's exactly the kind of moron you described.

    Marietta: You are not the gentleman I was expecting.

    Boris Yellnikoff: I'm sure not. I'm sure you'd be happy if she married the guy who caught the biggest catfish in Plaquemin County.

    Marietta: I'd be happier if she married the catfish.

    Melodie St. Ann Celestine: Well you see mama, Boris is a genius okay, he doesn't have a lot of patience for us inchworms.

    Boris Yellnikoff: We, we inchworms! I was almost nominated for a Nobel Prize.

    Melodie St. Ann Celestine: That's right Boris, and what was it for? Best Picture?

  • Marietta: Listen, listen. I want to go someplace fun. Take me someplace fun. It's New York, let's go!

    Melodie St. Ann Celestine: Boris, where can I take her that's fun?

    Boris Yellnikoff: How about the Holocaust museum?

  • Marietta: [Walking up to a wax figure of Donald Trump in Madame Tussauds Wax Museum] Oh, sweet pea, sweet pea, this is the kind of man you should be married to. Not that communist who sings happy birthday every time he washes his hands.

    Melodie St. Ann Celestine: How long are you staying, Mom?

  • John: I can't believe what I'm seein'. I mean, your clothes are different, your speech is a little more affected; but, deep down I know you're the same pretty, small town, God fearin', church goin', pie bakin'...

    Marietta: I'm livin' with two guys.

    John: girl scout Mom. Your-your what?

    Marietta: I'm an artist. I-I-I don't bake pies. I don't go to church. I-I-I do collages, sculptures, photography. I live in Manhattan with two men who I Love - in a very happy ménage à trois.

    John: A what?

    Marietta: We all sleep together. A ménage à trois.

    John: I knew we should never trust the goddamn French.

  • Melodie St. Ann Celestine: What are you talking about?

    Marietta: Oh, face it, Melodie, Boris is not like a real husband. He's more of an out patient and your his keeper.

    Melodie St. Ann Celestine: I really wish you hadn't showed up, Mom.

  • John: [Talking about Mandy] Well, I can't go back to her.

    Marietta: Aw, why not?

    John: She cast dispersions on my manhood.

    Marietta: Aw!

    Boris Yellnikoff: What do we talking : size, duration, erectile dysfunction?

  • Marietta: Well this is unbelieveable!

    Warrington: Here touch me, it's true.

  • Warrington: So you like me as a nightingale? Wasn't I magnificent?

    Marietta: Oh, you're a modest little fellow, aren't you?

    Warrington: I'm known as the mad Mudlark of the Mississippi. Ssh, don't tell a soul.

    Marietta: No, I won't. I'll leave that for you to do.

  • Marietta: See the lovely flowers Captain Warrington bought me. Lovely aren't they?

    Abe: Squeeze the juice out of them things and it's mighty good when you get a boil on your neck.

    Zeke: Good for swollen feet too.

  • Uncle: Poor Don Carlos, suffered such excruciating misery from seasickness, almost at the despair of his life.

    Marietta: But he didn't die?

    Uncle: Fortunately not.

    Marietta: Sad.

  • Warrington: Now let's talk this over as one mudlark to another...

    Marietta: I do not wish to be included in that.

    Warrington: ...but that was no street singers' warbling, Blue Eyes. The quality of those tones was something...

    Marietta: I used to appear at the Opera Comique.

    Warrington: I see, until the manager wished for you to appear as Lady Godiva and you refused.

    Marietta: Yes, something like that, yes.

  • Marietta: I thought your world didn't include women.

    Warrington: Oh, I wish it was full of them and they all looked like you.

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