Mariana Quotes in Man on Fire (2004)


Mariana Quotes:

  • [Creasy is planning to go after Fuentes, a high-ranking corrupt police lieutenant]

    Mariana: He's protected better than our president.

    Creasy: He's gonna need it.

  • Manzano: Mariana?

    Mariana: Sí.

    Manzano: When do I get to sleep with you again?

    Mariana: We never sleep. We fuck.

  • Chief Ramirez: [during a press conference] This man, John W. Creasy, an American citizen, is under arrest for the murder of two officers of the Judicial Police and is suspected of possible involvement in the kidnapping of Lupita Martin Ramos.

    Mariana: Chief Ramirez... Chief Ramirez... The two officers that were killed... records show they were off duty at the time... so why were they in uniform and in a patrol car?

    Chief Ramirez: All I know is that they died bravely.

    Mariana: Of course, but what exactly were they doing at the scene of the kidnapping? Or were they known for their exceptional good luck?

    Manzano: They were known for being corrupt, and now are celebrated for being dead.

  • [Manito says something in Portugese]

    Mariana: Manito wants to know who you think would win a fight between Mike Tyson and Muhammed Ali.

    Beck: Ali, hands down.

    [Manito says something in Portugese]

    Mariana: He says, what about Tyson's power?

    Beck: Shit. Tell him Ali would have done to Tyson what he did to Foreman in Africa.

    Manito: Ah, Rumble. Rumble in the Jungle.

    Beck: Tell him Ali was too smart.

    Mariana: [translates into Portugese]

    Beck: Too smart, too fast. He would have used his jabs, bam, bam. He would have danced, played with his mind. Before you know it, bam. left to the body, bam. right to the head. Down goes Tyson.

    Manito: Float like butterfly.

    Beck: Sting like bee.

  • Mariana: I'd offer you a beer, but it seems you blew up my bar.

  • Beck: You know, back in the States, Brazil nuts like these go for $ a lb.

    Mariana: Well, those fell of the tree out back. And around here, we don't call them Brazil nuts.

    Beck: What do you call them?

    Mariana: Well, we are in Brazil, so we just call them nuts.

    Beck: Fair enough.

  • Mariana: Don't pee in the water.

    Beck: Why?

    Mariana: A candiru, a vicious parasite will swim up the urine into your pau.

    Beck: Swim up my what?

    Mariana: Your pinto. It'll swim up your ding-dong. And once it gets in, you can't get it out.

    Beck: [Stammers] Well, then what?

    Mariana: They have to amputate.

    Beck: Not this boy's pinto. Uh-uh, not today!

  • Mariana: American?

    Beck: Yeah.

    Mariana: Where from?

    Beck: Someplace that's got bartenders.

  • [suggesting a name for a "new" flower]

    Travis: I can only think of one word... that fits something so beautiful. Mariana.

    Mariana: How much do you want?

  • Beck: I'm looking for a man.

    Mariana: What's your type?

    [Travis comes out of the bathroom and walks toward the door]

    Beck: His name's Travis Walker.

    [Travis stops behind Beck, and slowly turns around]

    Beck: [without turning around] He's in his twenties, he's got sandy hair, a beard, wearing a blue shirt and jeans, right now he's got a real bewildered look on his face.

  • Mariana: Is there hot coffee?

    Juan: Yes, fresh made.

    Mariana: Bring me the pot.

    [Mariana pours the coffee in Mike's lap, then hits him with the pot]

    Mariana: Now we're even, asshole.

  • Martín: [chat room] I have a method, absolutely involuntary, a kind of Buddhist gene that makes my happy days not so happy and my sad days not so sad.

    Mariana: A spiritual thermostat.

    Martín: 8D.

    Mariana: And if it fails?

    Martín: I down a Rivotril.

  • Francisco: It was a joke! What's wrong? You've been moody all day long.

    Renata: It's nothing.

    Francisco: Then why do you act like this?

    Mariana: Since she's got a new boyfriend.

    Francisco: What? A boyfriend?

    Renata: No.

    Mariana: Of course. What about the trash that you went out with? The one that Francisco had a fight in Sante Fe.

    Renata: Shut up!

    Francisco: What is Mariana talking about?

    [Mariana leaves the car]

    Renata: I'm outta here.

    [Renata turns to get out of the car but Francisco gently grabs her arm]

    Francisco: How can you go out with such a guy?

    [Renata rolls her eyes at him]

    Francisco: Answer me, damn it! Say something!

    Renata: I don't wanna go out with you.

    Francisco: And you do with that ass?

    Renata: I'm not going out with him, or you, or anyone.

    [Renata gets out of the car]

    Francisco: I truly don't get it, Renata! I don't get it!

  • Raimund Gregorius: Look at these eyes. Tell me what they reveal.

    Mariana: They melancholic, but hopeful; tired, but persistent... contradictory.

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