Marguerita Ventura Quotes in Lust in the Dust (1985)


Marguerita Ventura Quotes:

  • Rosie Velez: Marguerita?

    Marguerita Ventura: The customers call me "Marguerita". The territory calls me "Marguerita". My real close friends call me "Miss Ventura."

  • Marguerita Ventura: You bitch!

    Rosie Velez: Ever since I came here, you've done nothing but treat me like shit. Who the hell do you think you are? Yeah, I was a dance hall girl, but what makes you so high and mighty? You own a whorehouse! A whorehouse!... and with only three whores in it. One of them is just a senile old cow.

    [aside to Big Ed]

    Rosie Velez: No offense, honey.

    [back to Maguerita]

    Rosie Velez: And the other one's so new at it, she doesn't know which end to use. So what does that make you? The only whore in Chili Verde. Yeah, I came here for the gold, because I've been poor all my life.

    Marguerita Ventura: You've got it all wrong, honey. You've been cheap all your life.

    Rosie Velez: Cheap?

    [picks up a chair, and breaks it over Maguerita]

    Rosie Velez: This furniture is cheap.

  • Marguerita Ventura: Freeze, hombre. Or I'll be wearing your asshole for a garter.

  • Marguerita Ventura: [at Rosie, who is scrubbing the floor] There *are* other ways of earning your keep around here, you know.

    [implying prostitution]

    Rosie Velez: I'd rather die first.

    Marguerita Ventura: Why, Sugar, you must've died a thousand times.


  • Marguerita Ventura: Lose your way, Honey?

    Rosie Velez: Well, it's the cockroach's shift. *I* sleep from 3 to 10.

    Marguerita Ventura: If you don't like this place, you can git.

    Rosie Velez: Oh, yeah. Well I ain't going nowhere until I find that gold that everybody's been so careful *not* to mention.

    Marguerita Ventura: You think you can just breeze into town and dig it up, huh? Buena suerte. Some of us have been looking for it for *years*.

    Rosie Velez: [snidely] You can tell.

  • Marguerita Ventura: [insinuating Rosie killed Red Dick] So... that only leaves *one* person.

    Rosie Velez: Don't look at me; I slept like a log.

    Marguerita Ventura: Why not? You look like one.

  • Hardcase Williams: Hey! Be careful with those scissors.

    Marguerita Ventura: [sticks scissors up against his crotch] Okay big boy, one move out of you, one lie, and I'll be wearing your jinglebobs for earrings. Nod if you follow my drift.

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