Marge Quotes in If Looks Could Kill (1991)


Marge Quotes:

  • [on the phone]

    Marge: Hello, Michael, it's mother.

    Agent Corben: Hello Mother.

    Marge: Listen, honey, I forgot to tell you, pick up an extra bottle of Chanel when you go shopping, grandma will want one too.

    Agent Corben: Chanel? Shopping? Grandma?

    Marge: That's right. Michael you sound tired, try to get some sleep on the plane.

    Agent Corben: Ok?

    Marge: Bye sweetheart, we miss you sweetie.

    [makes kissing noises into the phone]

  • Michael Corben: I'm real sorry. I don't know what to say, y'know?

    Herb Corben: You don't know what to say? I'll tell you what to say. How 'bout, "Sorry, Mom and Dad, I would've liked to have graduated high school, but I couldn't really fit it into my dating and partying schedule," huh? Or, how 'bout, "Sorry but I was too busy doing jack shit instead of going to my French class!"

    Marge: Herb, take a pill.

  • Marge: Oh my God! He's got my underwear!

    Malcolm: Oh, very nice, a pervert ghost!

  • Fred Simmons: Boom got him. Gotcha didn't she rick?

    Rick: No, i was just doing what you told me to do.

    Fred Simmons: Okay, everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Rick, you think you can beat this combination? Marge & I here think differently don't we Marge?

    Marge: Yes sir.

    Fred Simmons: Okay Rick, I want you to come at Marge with everything you got no holds barred full contact. & I'm gonna warn you. I don't think you're gonna like how this ends hotshot.

    Fred Simmons: Marge, ready stance!

    Marge: Yes sir.

    Fred Simmons: & remember Marge, the distracting backfist, that's the key. Koonyay... seechack!

    Fred Simmons: [after seeing Rick uppercut Marge and kick in the stomach while she's down] She still alive? Will someone please check her pulse?

  • [on the coach waiting to go to the Airport]

    Marge: I hope there's some young ones!

    Lily: Oh stop worrying, Marge, they told me there was a big party of young blokes coming.

    Marge: I certainly hope so.

  • Brother Bernard: Morning. I'd just like to apologise to your friend about her skirt last night.

    Marge: Oh, forget it. Sssh... Why don't you get your clothes off and get some sun?

    Brother Bernard: Oh no, I couldn't do that.

  • Marge: Sit down and drink your wine before the ice cubes melt.

  • Marge: Honey, you better sit yo'self down and have some lunch. How you white folks gonna defend yo'self if you don't eat?

  • Joyce Enders: [upon being poured some wine] Is that carbonated?

    Marge: It's just ruthless. It's ruthless.

  • Marge: It's pot likker, juice from the green. Lead in your pencil.

  • Marge: he met his match when he met Kat; ohoho I tell yuh, that's a smart cookie. Yah, tough. There was a period in her life when every guy she went out with changed his name to "Plaintiff" in the first three weeks

  • Helen: [on the phone] Hello?

    Marge: [on the phone] Hi. Yeah, it's Marge. Listen, I was standing outside talking to Carol, and Peg drove by. And she had somebody with her in the car.

    Helen: [on the phone] Did you get a good look at it?

  • Marge: I heard somebody down in the shed earlier.

    Iris Parker: It must've been daddy. He's the only one allowed down there. Ever.

    Marge: Well, it sounded like a girl crying.

    Iris Parker: I don't know what you think you heard, but you must be mistaken.

  • Marge: They're taking it bigger than usual.

    Charlie Rogers: Good.

    Marge: Might mean trouble.

    Charlie Rogers: So what else is new?

    Marge: Charlie why do you have to act so tough, what does it get you?

  • Marge: Dotie, you know some day when I'm not around, you're going to walk right off the end of a pier or something.

    Dodie: [daydreaming] I wonder what it would be like?

    Marge: Wet.

    Dodie: No, no. I mean to be rich on a yacht like that. Rich rich.

    Marge: You know what? That's one thing you and I will never have to worry about.

    Dodie: I can dream, can't I.

    Marge: Oh, you sure can. Better than most people.

  • Marge: [referring to Callum] He's a funny one. Acts like he's got something on his mind.

    Susan Ellen Younger: Whatever it is, it isn't me.

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