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Margaret Harwood Quotes:

  • Oliver Plexico: Pssssst! Maggie!

    Margaret Harwood: [Maggie looks out the window, leans out a little, then looks down and sees Oliver on the remaining block of the broken wall planter below] What are you doing?

    Oliver Plexico: [smiles tiredly] I've come to rescue you!

    Margaret Harwood: [looks behind her, then back to Oliver] Don't rescue me, it's a trap!

    Oliver Plexico: Sweet, sweet Maggie! I know it's a Goddamned trap! The point is, I've somewhat bungled things. So... you're gonna have to save me.

    Margaret Harwood: [stands upright, crossing arms] Are you safe on that thing?

    Oliver Plexico: Define safe.

    Margaret Harwood: [Turns around hastily, pulls the sheets off the bed, ties them into a long rope and ties it around herself hastily, prepared to lower it down to Oliver] Allright! I'll save your life! That's only fair, you saved mine! But then I'm calling it quits!

    Oliver Plexico: Why?

    Margaret Harwood: Because you have no respect for my feelings!

    Oliver Plexico: I have respect for your feelings...

    Margaret Harwood: Bull Shit!

    Oliver Plexico: I get the feeling you don't believe me?

    Margaret Harwood: Stop being charming!

    Oliver Plexico: I haven't got much choice right now, I got a 50 foot drop below me, and a crazy lady 10 feet above!

    Margaret Harwood: After we... After we did... After we were done with...

    Oliver Plexico: After sex?

    Margaret Harwood: Yes! Right! Correct! You could have got the number yourself, you didn't have to

    [chokes back tears]

    Margaret Harwood: throw your wife at me!

    Oliver Plexico: I don't have a wife.

    Margaret Harwood: I saw the wedding photo!

    Oliver Plexico: That's my sister!

    [Oliver starts to get aggravated]

    Margaret Harwood: Don't make it worse!

    Oliver Plexico: [yelling] Now you listen to me, Margaret! When I first met you, you were this... beautiful, crazy... ragamuffin. And I said to myself, hey! A beautiful, crazy... ragamuffin! I didn't have to fly down to get the bottle, I volunteered! Now why do you think I did that?

    Margaret Harwood: Why should I believe any of this?

    Margaret Harwood: [sighs, frustrated and looks around, motioning with his hand] A guy fresh from the chiropractor scales a 50 foot wall to save your life? This is not mass entertainment Maggie! It's gotta be... Love!

  • Margaret Harwood: What?

    Oliver Plexico: You heard me...

    Margaret Harwood: Well, a woman wants to hear it as loudly... and as frequently... as possible!

    Oliver Plexico: [lowers his voice] I love you. Okay? I'm hopelessly and completely in love with you.

    [raises his voice]

    Oliver Plexico: And that's all you're gonna get for now!

    Margaret Harwood: [lowers the make-shift rope to Oliver] Grab hold, I'll pull!

    Oliver Plexico: Are you sure you're strong enough?

    Margaret Harwood: I've waited for you all of my life, Oliver Plexico! I'm not about to lose you now!

  • Oliver Plexico: Son of a bitch!

    Margaret Harwood: Exactly!

  • Margaret Harwood: You know, Richard, the only good thing about me being your half-sister... is that the other half isn't!

  • [Sir Mason and Richard are discussing the winery's business dealings. Margaret has come in after cleaning up from the last tasting]

    Margaret Harwood: Everything is cleaned up, Father.

    Sir Mason Harwood: Thank you, dear. Now, when you're finished with Belgium...

    [Margaret remains where she is, Sir Mason looks up]

    Sir Mason Harwood: What is it?

    Margaret Harwood: Father, please, when are you going to send me on a trip?

    Sir Mason Harwood: When you're ready.

    Margaret Harwood: Father, I've been here for almost a year. I *am* ready, you know I am.

  • [Sir Mason rejects Margaret's offer to send her out on a business trip. Margaret and Richard start bickering]

    Margaret Harwood: [to Richard] You are a person of very little quality.

    Sir Mason Harwood: Oh, why do you both bicker so much?

    Margaret Harwood: Because we're both jealous. Richard is jealous of everyone who is better than him, which includes every living creature. I'm jealous because I really care about wine. I love it! Yet I'm treated like a servant while he gets every opportunity that comes along!

    Sir Mason Harwood: You're not ready to be sent out yet, Margaret. When you are, naturally being totally fair, I'll send you. Remember, you are still a child.

    Margaret Harwood: Father, I'm 28 years old.

    Richard Harwood: Well, this desk is 112 years old. We're not sending it out to catalog wine!

    Sir Mason Harwood: Now, that's quite enough of that! Just be patient, your opportunity will come in due time.

    Margaret Harwood: So it's now, then?

    Sir Mason Harwood: When you're *ready,* dear!

    Margaret Harwood: That's what I thought you'd say.

    Margaret Harwood: [Puts a letter on the desk] This is my resignation.

    Richard Harwood: [Picks up the letter and starts to read it] Ooh, this *is* good news!

    Sir Mason Harwood: When your mother left, and decided to raise you in America, I accepted it. It was a decision I always suspected would haunt me. But this...

    [takes the letter from Richard and holds it up]

    Sir Mason Harwood: You stop it now. Or I shall become, I promise you, very upset.

    [holds the letter out to Margaret, which she does not take back]

    Sir Mason Harwood: I don't enjoy making threats very well.

    Margaret Harwood: Neither do I. Goodbye.

    [turns and walks out]

    Sir Mason Harwood: [throws the letter on the desk] Damn! Truly, truly, Damn!

    Richard Harwood: Father, we should celebrate her going!

    Sir Mason Harwood: Celebrate? She knows more about wine already than you'll ever learn, and she willingly does the work of four!

    Richard Harwood: But Harwood has never been represented by a *woman*!

    Sir Mason Harwood: Yes, well that's something we should consider changing.

  • Sir Mason Harwood: A lawyer friend of mine acts for an estate in Scotland, on the Isle of Skye. His client, an absentee landlord, has recently died, and this lawyer has asked me to dispose of the wine cellar.

    [hands Margaret a package]

    Sir Mason Harwood: Legal documents and other data are all in here.

    Margaret Harwood: Oh, thank you, Father!

    [throws her arms around her father]

    Margaret Harwood: I swear, I won't disappoint you!

    Sir Mason Harwood: [hugs Margaret, and quickly breaks the embrace] Well, that's quite enough sentiment for one day, Margaret.

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