Marcus Duvall Quotes in Assault on Precinct 13 (2005)


Marcus Duvall Quotes:

  • Marcus Duvall: [Kneels in front of a kneeling Sabian] How many are inside?

    Alex Sabian: [Thinking] Uh... 100.

    Marcus Duvall: Answer the question.

    Kahane: [shakes Sabian] Answer, bitch!

    Alex Sabian: [stares at Duvall]

    Marcus Duvall: You're a brave woman.

    [Stands up and shoots Sabian point blank in the head]

  • Marcus Duvall: I'm looking at this as a matter of simple mathematics. We walk in and those 8 people survive and 33 lives are destroyed. The lives of my men and their families, people I'm responsible for, people I... people I love.

    Kahane: I don't see any other way, Marcus. Blood trail leads right back to us. We don't have any other choice.

    Marcus Duvall: We go through with it. We are going to have to live with this for the rest of our lives. But, you know something Michael, I could live with that, more than I could live with a cellmate. Once we step outside, those people are no longer civilians or cops. We got to put them all down without pause and without regard.

  • Marcus Duvall: Call Roenick.

    Marion Bishop: Who's Roenick?

    [Marcus tortures Bishop by pressing his gun against Bishop's gunshot wound]

    Marion Bishop: .

    Marcus Duvall: It's that son of a bitch out there. Isn't it? Call Roenick. Tell him I'm dead.

    Marion Bishop: You know me, Marcus. I cannot tell a lie.


    Marion Bishop: Look at you. When I first approached you ten years ago, you couldn't look me in the eye. One of those nervous God fearing types. Now, you put a bullet in me, no hesitation. You're quite the changed man this New Year's, Marcus.

    Marcus Duvall: [acknowledging Bishop's refusal to cooperate] . Now, this is the last fucking time. Tell me where Roenick is.

    Jake Roenick: [Jake appears] He doesn't have to.

    [continuing to walk towards Duvall aiming his gun]

    Jake Roenick: Drop your weapon.

    [Duvall stands up and aims his weapon at Bishop with a long pause ensuing]

    Marion Bishop: What are you waiting for? Shoot him.

    Jake Roenick: Shut up! Put the gun down, Duvall.

    Marcus Duvall: What are you going to do? Are you going to shoot me? Arrest me? You going to kill a cop?

    Jake Roenick: There's only one cop here. Now, put the God damn gun down. You're caught! How many more people are you going to kill tonight?

    Marcus Duvall: As many as it takes.

    Jake Roenick: You make me fucking sick!

    [Duvall suddenly raises his gun and fires just as Roenick fires and both gentlemen fall]

    Jake Roenick: .

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