Marco Venier Quotes in Dangerous Beauty (1998)


Marco Venier Quotes:

  • Veronica Franco: There's not a man in Venice I can't have.

    Marco Venier: And there's not a woman in Venice I can't have.

    Veronica Franco: You cannot have me.

  • Veronica Franco: My people are true citizens 700 years back.

    Marco Venier: A coat of arms does not an inheritance make.

  • Veronica Franco: You sleep with Giulia every night for duty's sake. I slept with the King of France once for duty's sake. Who does not forgive?

    Marco Venier: Perhaps I just can't live with it.

    Veronica Franco: But I love you.

  • Marco Venier: You must save yourself.

    Veronica Franco: How?

    Marco Venier: Confess... whatever foolishness they put before you...

    Veronica Franco: That I am a witch?

    Marco Venier: What does it matter what you say to these hypocrites?

    Veronica Franco: I would be saying it.

    Marco Venier: There is no honor with fools like these. God will forgive you.

    Veronica Franco: Marco, if I give them my lie, I give them my soul. I'll lose everything I ever was. My love, my words, my heart.

    Marco Venier: Yes, but you would live.

    Veronica Franco: As someone else.

  • Marco Venier: Do you not like my kiss?

    Veronica Franco: I wish it were not a sin to have liked it so.

    Marco Venier: God made sin, though we might know his mercy.

  • Marco Venier: I'm getting married Veronica. Congratulate me.

    Veronica Franco: Felicitations on your grand match.

  • Marco Venier: What God and greed have joined together, let no love put asunder.

  • Veronica Franco: If I were yours alone, your property, chaste and silent, you would soon tire of me.

    Marco Venier: You're wrong!

    Veronica Franco: Am I?

  • Maffio Venier: Personally, I didn't think Uncle was still capable of getting it up. What did you do to him to get him to publish this little of ditties.

    Marco Venier: She worked for it.

    Maffio Venier: Ha, I bet she did. How much do you cost these days Veronica?

    Veronica Franco: If your prick is as limp as your verse, no price can buy time enough.

  • Veronica Franco: I think you mistake me for one of your easy court companions?

    Marco Venier: No, no I mistook the asking in your eyes.

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