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Marc Quotes:

  • Richard: No, Marc we can do this!

    Marc: No. No, we can't.

    Richard: Ya, this is lame.

    Richard: We hit gold! Or a Skull!

  • Marc: I think we just wanted to be part of the lifestyle. The lifestyle that everybody kinda wants.

  • Marc: If I ever became not your friend anymore, would you rob me?

  • Marc: Don't fuck up my karma, man. Don't fuck it up.

  • Sean Bateman: What about the cash, Marc? What about the fucking cash?

    Marc: What class? Who teaches that, man?

  • Marc: He has balls of steel.

    Sarah: We're very proud.

  • Marc: [about the guys bathing in the fountain] It's like Fourth of July at Elton John's house.

  • Marc: We open their eyes not their legs.

  • Marc: [subtitled version] Mozart didn't do an opera on an accordion.

  • [as the boys leave for their date, Gwen decides Caleb can be had]

    Marc: Goodbye, Gwen.

    Caleb: Uh, bye, Gwen.

    Gwen: Bye...

    [the door closes]

    Gwen: ...sexual.

  • Marc: When he's around, my heart beats like a trailer park husband.

    Gwen: That is so gay. And I mean all three definitions.

  • Marc: Almost made it with a British guy in a broom closet, but he wouldn't kiss.

    Gwen: Maybe your breath was penis-y.

  • Gwen Anderson: [to Caleb's parents] You know, you guys seem really nice.

    Marc: Oh, my God. Gwen, don't.

    Gwen Anderson: Caleb, honey, I'm gonna do you a really big favor.

    Kyle: Oh, shit.

    Gwen Anderson: You'll hate me now but you'll love me later.

    Marc: Gwen, please.

    Kyle: Shit.

    Gwen Anderson: Mr. and Mrs. Peterson, your son is gay.

    Jamie Peterson: [punching Caleb's arm] Fag, you're it!

    Tiffani: I turned him gay, but I can turn him back.

    Jamie Peterson: No fag-backs.

  • Marc: [entering the bathroom] We need to talk.

    Caleb Peterson: [in mid-pee] D-dude!

    Marc: I wasn't being honest. Now, I got to talk about it now or...

    Caleb Peterson: I'm taking a leak.

    Marc: Hmm, please, I've seen it.

    Marc: [addressing the dick] How ya doin'?

  • [Caleb and Marc return to Marc's darkened, vacated apartment]

    Caleb Peterson: [calling out] Gwen!

    Marc: Oh, trust me. If she were here, she'd be all up in our pubes.

  • [Helen, coming upon her son Kyle kissing Tiffani in public, thinks her son's gone straight while Marc and Troy watch]

    Helen: [joyfully, after smothering her son with kisses] You don't understand. I used to catch this boy masturbating with every vegetable in the frig, and now THIS!

    Helen: [to Kyle] Have you told that awful ex-boyfriend of yours yet?

    Kyle: [looking over to "awful ex-boyfriend" Marc] Mom, I-I have a feeling that he already knows.

    Marc: I have a feeling this is the funniest thing he's ever seen.

    Kyle: Well, I have a feeling that the childish things that he's doing are acts of jealousy; and, in some small way, it's kind of nice to know that he cares for a change.

    Helen: Who gives a shit about him? I'm gonna be a grandma!

  • Tiffani: [keenly observant] You haven't fucked him yet.

    Marc: Hey, I don't treat people like pieces of meat.

    Tiffani: Well, you should. It's fun.

  • Marc: Gwen was my last girlfriend.

    Gwen Anderson: And Marc was my first. After him, all I ever wanted to date were fags.

  • Marc: Did you see "The Barefoot Contessa"?

    Clara Chevalier: Of course, Ava Gardner was fabulous.

  • Marc: That's her. She tells fantastic stories about the days of real brothels. She should write a book. She's been in the business 35 years. You know what she told me? "One look at a client and I know what his vice is."

    Laurent Chevalier: Do I have a vice?

    Marc: Sure. You just don't know what it is yet.

  • Marc: Proust to amuse you and "Tintin" to Instruct you.

    [Hands Laurent two books]

    Thomas: Here.

    [Hands Laurent a record]

    Laurent Chevalier: Dizzie Gillespie? Great!

  • David: You know Julie means a lot to me. I'm not sure what would have happened if I hadn't met her.

    Marc: Yeah, I can see that. I guess we'll never know though, right.

    David: Yeah... I guess. Do you really wonder what it would be like if she had picked you.

    Marc: Yeah sometimes. Not as much as if you'd picked me.

    David: Julie couldn't have handled it.

  • Marc: Every day I must sign a sheet in front of a cop. He looks like a good guy, jovial, sympathetic. Anyway for him, I am a hold-up man, I will always be a hold-up man. He is persuaded that I will do it again some day.

  • Marc: Up to where are you ready to go? Are you ready to aim a gun at somebody? Are you ready to shoot, to be shot? Are you ready to die? Are you ready to kill if needed?

    Robert: How should I know?

    Marc: You should know! It's before being there that you have to ask yourself, because when you're there, it's too late!

  • Marc: Look, boy, you and me, we don't pretend to be supermen. Me, I don't even claim to be Mighty Mouse.

  • George: [referring to Claude] What do you think?

    Marc: I hold to my first opinion. He's fresh-fried out of the nut factory.

  • Jacquot: She's very young.

    Marc: She'll get older.

  • Gogol Ganguli: So I'm two inches away from her. Her luscious lips part. Just as I'm about to kiss her, she looks at me and she says, "What's your name?"

    Marc: Gogol Ganguli.

    Gogol Ganguli: End of seduction 101.

  • Marc: You see, there was this little boy, and he had this red bicycle. It was new, in perfect nick. And everyday he would just sit and look at it, and he knew that he would never be able to ride it, but he thought that one day he might be able to. That made all the difference.

  • Marc: To be honest, I'd rather draw by myself. I don't like people watching me.

  • Marc: Go away.

    Anna Madden: No. You let me in, and then I'll go away.

    Marc: Can't do that.

    Anna Madden: Why not?

    Marc: Because there aren't any stairs.

    Anna Madden: How did you get up there, then?

    Marc: I dunno... I'm just here.

    Anna Madden: Can't you tell someone else to let me in?

    Marc: There isn't anyone else.

    Anna Madden: Look, just stop mucking around and let me in!

    Marc: Go away, can't you understand? It's dangerous around here! Dangerous!

  • Marc: I am faithful to the ideals of the party.

    Orson Welles: I am faithful to the party of ideas.

    John Houseman: You are faithful to the idea of a party.

  • Marc: Well, you can't climb down and you can't sit still. That's a storm that's gonna last until the final wind blows, and when the wind blows the cradle will rock

  • Marc: Gianna! Gianna! There's someone in the house... absolutely trying to kill me, ya'know?

  • [Back at the car with Marc]

    Marc: What'd you do?

    Olga: Nothing. Don't pay any attention; my father's just a little crazy.

    [At Rodi's feet, a lizard with a pin through it's head, squirming on the ground]

  • Gianna: I think that a woman's gotta be independent so she can...

    Marc: Oh, don't start with me about all that woman's stuff. It is a fundamental fact... men are different from women. Women are... weaker; well, they're gentler.

    Gianna: They're what? Weaker? Gentler?

    [howls in laughter]

    Gianna: [Gianna stops laughing, stands and moves to the table, pushing things off of it]

    Marc: What on earth are you doing?

    [Sitting again and holding her arm up]

    Gianna: Come on, Tarzan. Why don't you try me?

    Marc: What's that?

    Gianna: Indian wrestling.

  • Carlo: Look, maybe you've seen something so important you can't realize it.

    Marc: But... I'm just trying to understand, because... Carlo You know, sometimes what you actually see and what you imagine... get mixed up in your memory like a cocktail... from which you can no longer distinguish one flavor from another.

    Marc: But I'm telling you the truth! Carlo No Marc. You think you're telling the truth, but in fact... you're telling only your version of the truth. It happens to me all the time.

  • Marc: Well, so now what are you going to do?

    Carlo: Kill you... I'm sorry 'cause I like you, but I have to kill you.

  • Marc: [Playing a jazz piece, Marc abruptly stops and address' the band] Great! Really, that's good. Very Good. Maybe a bit too good... Too Clean. Yes, too precise. Too... Formal. It should be more trashy. See what I mean? Remember that this sort of jazz came out of the brothels.

  • Marc: I see the heart of darkness... the universe unfolding... taking my breath, my blood, my life... down below, below, below...

  • Marc: Get the gas.

    Reggie: But I hit it with the fucking car!

    Marc: I got hit with the car once, I am still alive! Get the gas!

  • Leo: Well, can I get a quarter?

    Marc: I got your quarter right here!

    [Grabs his crotch]

  • Marc: Grand passion survives boring everyday life.

  • Marc: Love is an eagle, with claws clutched around our hearts. Once it has got a good hold, it will never let go.

  • Marc: Do you know the poem: ''An unknown woman l love, and she loves me.'' ''And each time is neither quite the same nor quite another''?

  • Marc: ...On the other hand we have Love... totally the opposite of a primary instinct. It's not something inborn, it's rather the product of society, there are even civilizations totally unaware of it's existence!

  • Marc: But you contradict yourself! It's not two people feeling good about themselves... Romantic love originates in you and in everybody as result of an inner dissatisfaction. It's a result of an attempt to escape from your own inner distress.

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