Mandy Meyers Quotes in Getting That Girl (2011)


Mandy Meyers Quotes:

  • Mandy Meyers: [approaches Andy, who's sitting under a tree reading a book] Hey.

    Andy Wasilewski: Hey, what's up?

    Mandy Meyers: What are you doing here so late? It's kind of strange seeing you here 50 minutes after the last bell... with a book.

    Andy Wasilewski: Who says there's no surprises anymore? All you got to do is break some rules.

    Mandy Meyers: That's a very liberating thought... but if you break too many rules you wind up in jail.

    Andy Wasilewski: If we're not in jail already... where the fuck are we?

    Mandy Meyers: [rolls her eyes] Purely out of curiosity... What in life do you care about?

    Andy Wasilewski: That's a very personal question... Why do you want to know?

    Mandy Meyers: Like I said... purely out of curiosity.

  • Mandy Meyers: [cuddling after just having sex] We need to talk.

    Andy Wasilewski: About what?

    Mandy Meyers: I want to make this exclusive.

    Andy Wasilewski: Well, I thought that's what it was?

    Mandy Meyers: Can you truly handle that - full blown monogamy?

    Andy Wasilewski: Yeah, I can handle that... monogamy.

    [nervous pause]

    Andy Wasilewski: This is exactly what I've always dreamed of and I didn't even know it until I met you. There are definitely no other girls.

    Mandy Meyers: I like the sound of that.

    Andy Wasilewski: Yeah?

    Mandy Meyers: [smiling] Yeah...

  • Jini Jacobs: [aggressively rushing up to Mandy at the school cafeteria] You penny whore! I can't believe you blatantly disobeyed my direct orders! You and Andy are going steady, like boyfriend and girlfriend... What are you thinking? Oh, and please tell me you didn't already fuck him - did you?

    Mandy Meyers: What do you think I did with him, Jini?

    Jini Jacobs: Oh, my fuckin' god! That's why you've been acting so weird lately!

  • Mr. Mark: I understand we have someone new in our class this morning... so, so late in the semester? Huh, here we are. Very interesting. Please stand up and tell us your name.

    Mandy Meyers: [stands up in front of the class] Uh, I'm Mandy Meyers.

    Mr. Mark: [staring at Mandy's crotch area] Welcome to Los Angeles. I'm sure you'll prove to be a fine... fine asset to our classroom.

  • Mandy Meyers: [looking back at Andy and Ferrat] Who are those guys? They're kind of cute.

    Jini Jacobs: Uh... the one on the left is Ferrat, like the animal. His real name is Richard Barret. And the other is... Andy Wasilewski.

    Mandy Meyers: Hmm...

    Jini Jacobs: They're both slackers and definitely not cute once you get to know them. All those two do is get loaded, jack off, and try to put their dicks in girls who don't know any better. They're entirely unreliable, excessively immature - all in all, horrible boyfriend material. Basically... just losers with no futures.

  • George Meyers: So, how was your first day at school dear?

    Mandy Meyers: It was all right.

    Rita Meyers: Did you meet anyone interesting?

    Mandy Meyers: Kind of... I went to the mall after school with a couple of girls. They're really different from my friends in D.C... but really cool - L.A. style.

    George Meyers: Do you think you can handle all of your classes? Don't forget your school happens to be one of the top public schools in the greater Los Angeles area. I'm sure the work load must be tremendous.

    Mandy Meyers: Are you having a nervous breakdown? "Your school happens to be one of the top public schools in the greater Los Angeles area." Everything will be fine.

    George Meyers: [smiles nervously] And that's exactly what I keep telling your Mother.

    Rita Meyers: [rolls her eyes] Um-hum.

  • Bill Beauchanon: [kissing Jini, as she and Mandy approach the bar table] You made it baby.

    Jini Jacobs: Oh Mandy, this is Bill. Bill, this is my new best friend... Mandy Meyers.

    Bill Beauchanon: [to Mandy] Welcome to McDermott High... quite fucking possibly the most awesome high school in the entire planet! I'm an All State running back. Nice to meet you. My name is Bill... Bill Beauchanon.

    Tommy Bush: [shouts] Bill the Thrill-Yeah! BABY!

    Bill Beauchanon: Bill: BOOM!

    Mandy Meyers: Mandy: Nice to meet you, Bill.

    Bill Beauchanon: [cooly sips his beer] Likewise

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