Man on plane Quotes in Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987)


Man on plane Quotes:

  • Del: How about your bun?

    Neal: No, no it's too hard.

    Del: Sure?

    Del: [Del tries to get the old man's attention] Sir? Excuse me. Would you like a bun?

    Man on plane: [the man misunderstands Del] Oh it's fun. Flights fun.

    Del: [Del laughs] No no no, would you like the bun?

    Man on plane: Uh what's that?

    Del: I'm offering you a bun.

    Man on plane: Speak up!

    Del: Do you want the bun?

    Man on plane: No, I just got started!

    Neal: [Neal becomes frustrated and cuts in] He said do you want the bun.

    Man on plane: Oh yes, thank-you.

    [the man takes the bun]

    Del: There you go. How about another salad?

    [the man hands over his salad dish]

    Del: No no no, takes this salad he doesn't want any, he's not hungry. Some salad dressing.

    Man on plane: I'll have the brownie.

    Del: The brownie? Sure.

    Neal: No no no, I'd like that.

    Del: You want the brownie? He won't give you the brownie, he's got a sweet tooth.

    [Del whispers to Neal]

    Del: Isn't he a nice fella?

    [Just as Neal is about to eat his brownie, a woman in the seat in front of him pulls her hair back, covering his brownie]

    Del: I guess you're not going to want your brownie now?

    Neal: No.

    Del: No. Mind?

    [Del digs into the woman's hair, taking out the brownie. He offers some to the old man]

    Del: Would you like half?

    Man on plane: Oh would you?

    Del: Certainly.

    [Del gives the old man the brownie]

    Del: There you go, the big side.

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