Man in Black Quotes in The Dark Tower (2017)


Man in Black Quotes:

  • Man in Black: You can't stop what's coming. Death always wins.

  • [from trailer]

    Man in Black: You really think you can stop me, gunslinger?

  • [from trailer]

    Man in Black: Everyone who walks with you dies.

    Roland Deschain: No more.

  • [from trailer]

    Man in Black: The Tower will fall.

  • Buttercup: You mock my pain.

    Man in Black: Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.

  • Inigo Montoya: Who are you?

    Man in Black: No one of consequence.

    Inigo Montoya: I must know...

    Man in Black: Get used to disappointment.

    Inigo Montoya: 'kay.

  • Man in Black: All right. Where is the poison? The battle of wits has begun. It ends when you decide and we both drink, and find out who is right... and who is dead.

    Vizzini: But it's so simple. All I have to do is divine from what I know of you: are you the sort of man who would put the poison into his own goblet or his enemy's? Now, a clever man would put the poison into his own goblet, because he would know that only a great fool would reach for what he was given. I am not a great fool, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you. But you must have known I was not a great fool, you would have counted on it, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me.

    Man in Black: You've made your decision then?

    Vizzini: Not remotely. Because iocane comes from Australia, as everyone knows, and Australia is entirely peopled with criminals, and criminals are used to having people not trust them, as you are not trusted by me, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you.

    Man in Black: Truly, you have a dizzying intellect.

    Vizzini: Wait till I get going! Now, where was I?

    Man in Black: Australia.

    Vizzini: Yes, Australia. And you must have suspected I would have known the powder's origin, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me.

    Man in Black: You're just stalling now.

    Vizzini: You'd like to think that, wouldn't you? You've beaten my giant, which means you're exceptionally strong, so you could've put the poison in your own goblet, trusting on your strength to save you, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you. But, you've also bested my Spaniard, which means you must have studied, and in studying you must have learned that man is mortal, so you would have put the poison as far from yourself as possible, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me.

    Man in Black: You're trying to trick me into giving away something. It won't work.


    Man in Black: Then make your choice.

    Vizzini: I will, and I choose... what in the world can that be?

    [Vizzini gestures up and away from the table. Roberts looks backwards. Vizzini swaps the goblets]

    Man in Black: What? Where? I don't see anything.

    Vizzini: Well, I- I could have sworn I saw something. No matter. First, let's drink. Me from my glass, and you from yours.

    [Vizzini and the Man in Black drink]

    Man in Black: You guessed wrong.

    Vizzini: You only think I guessed wrong! That's what's so funny! I switched glasses when your back was turned! Ha ha! You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders - the most famous of which is "never get involved in a land war in Asia" - but only slightly less well-known is this: "Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line"! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha...

    [Vizzini stops suddenly, his smile frozen on his face and falls to the ground dead]

    Buttercup: And to think, all that time it was your cup that was poisoned.

    Man in Black: They were both poisoned. I spent the last few years building up an immunity to iocane powder.

  • Inigo Montoya: But, I promise I will not kill you until you reach the top.

    Man in Black: That's VERY comforting, but I'm afraid you'll just have to wait.

    Inigo Montoya: I hate waiting. I could give you my word as a Spaniard.

    Man in Black: No good. I've known too many Spaniards.

    Inigo Montoya: Isn't there any way you trust me?

    Man in Black: Nothing comes to mind.

    Inigo Montoya: I swear on the soul of my father, Domingo Montoya, you will reach the top alive.

    Man in Black: Throw me the rope.

  • Vizzini: I can't compete with you physically, and you're no match for my brains.

    Man in Black: You're that smart?

    Vizzini: Let me put it this way. Have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates?

    Man in Black: Yes.

    Vizzini: Morons.

  • Inigo Montoya: You are wonderful.

    Man in Black: Thank you; I've worked hard to become so.

    Inigo Montoya: I admit it, you are better than I am.

    Man in Black: Then why are you smiling?

    Inigo Montoya: Because I know something you don't know.

    Man in Black: And what is that?

    Inigo Montoya: I am not left-handed.

    [switches sword to his other hand, and begins to fight far more successfully]

    Man in Black: You are amazing.

    Inigo Montoya: I ought to be, after 20 years.

    Man in Black: Oh, there's something I ought to tell you.

    Inigo Montoya: Tell me.

    Man in Black: I'm not left-handed either.

    [switches his own sword to his other hand, suddenly driving Inigo back]

  • Inigo Montoya: I donna suppose you could speed things up?

    Man in Black: If you're in such a hurry, you could lower a rope or a tree branch or find something useful to do.

    Inigo Montoya: I could do that. I have some rope up here, but I do not think you would accept my help, since I am only waiting around to kill you.

    Man in Black: That does put a damper on our relationship.

  • Inigo Montoya: I do not mean to pry, but you don't by any chance happen to have six fingers on your right hand?

    Man in Black: Do you always begin conversations this way?

  • Man in Black: You've done nothing but study swordplay?

    Inigo Montoya: More pursue than study lately. You see, I cannot find him... it's been twenty years now and I'm starting to lose confidence. I just work for Vizzini to pay the bills. There's not a lot of money in revenge.

    Man in Black: Well I certainly hope you find him someday.

    Inigo Montoya: You are ready then?

    Man in Black: Whether I am or not, you've been more than fair.

    Inigo Montoya: You seem a decent fellow... I hate to kill you.

    Man in Black: You seem a decent fellow... I hate to die.

    Inigo Montoya: Begin.

  • Buttercup: You're the Dread Pirate Roberts, admit it!

    Man in Black: With pride. What can I do for you?

    Buttercup: You can die slowly, cut into a thousand pieces.

    Man in Black: Tsk, tsk. That's hardly complimentary, Highness. Why loose your venom on me?

    Buttercup: You killed my love.

    Man in Black: It's possible. I kill a lot of people.

  • [after defeating Fezzik, who lays on the ground unconscious]

    Man in Black: I do not envy you the headache you will have when you awake. But for now, rest well and dream of large women.

  • Inigo Montoya: You are using Bonetti's Defense against me, ah?

    Man in Black: I thought it fitting considering the rocky terrain.

    Inigo Montoya: Naturally, you must expect me to attack with Capo Ferro?

    Man in Black: Naturally, but I find that Thibault cancels out Capo Ferro. Don't you?

    Inigo Montoya: Unless the enemy has studied his Agrippa... which I have!

  • Man in Black: Look, are you just fiddling around with me or what?

    Fezzik: I just want you to feel you're doing well.

  • Fezzik: We face each other as God intended. Sportsmanlike. No tricks, no weapons, skill against skill alone.

    Man in Black: You mean, you'll put down your rock and I'll put down my sword, and we'll try and kill each other like civilized people?

    Fezzik: I could kill you now.

    Man in Black: Frankly, I think the odds are slightly in your favor at hand fighting.

    Fezzik: It's not my fault being the biggest and the strongest. I don't even exercise.

  • Fezzik: Why do you wear a mask? Were you burned by acid, or something like that?

    Man in Black: Oh no, it's just that they're terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.

  • Buttercup: You can die too for all I care!

    [pushes him down a high hill]

    Man in Black: AS... YOU... WISH!

    Buttercup: [realizes the Man in Black is Westley] Oh, my sweet Westley! What have I done?

    [throws herself down the hill]

  • Inigo Montoya: My father was slaughtered by a six-fingered man. He was a great swordmaker, my father. When the six-fingered man appeared and requested a special sword, my father took the job. He slaved a year before it was done.

    [Shows the Man in Black the sword]

    Man in Black: I've never seen its equal.

    Inigo Montoya: The six-fingered man returned and demanded it, but at one tenth his promised price. My father refused. Without a word, the six-fingered man slashed him through the heart. I loved my father. So naturally, I challenged his murderer to a duel. I failed. The six-fingered man left me alive, but he gave me these.

    [strokes the scars on his cheeks]

    Man in Black: How old were you?

    Inigo Montoya: I was eleven years old. And when I was strong enough, I dedicated my life to the study of fencing. So the next time we meet, I will not fail. I will go up to the six-fingered man and say, "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

  • Man in Black: I challenge you to a battle of wits.

    Vizzini: For the Princess?

    Man in Black: [nods]

    Vizzini: To the death?

    Man in Black: [nods]

    Vizzini: I accept!

  • Man in Black: That was a warning, Highness. Next time my hand flies on its own. Where I come from, there are penalties when a woman lies.

  • Count Rugen: Beautiful isn't it? It took me half a lifetime to invent it. I'm sure you've discovered my deep and abiding interest in pain. Presently I'm writing the definitive work on the subject, so I want you to be totally honest with me on how the machine makes you feel. This being our first try, I'll use the lowest setting.

    Count Rugen: As you know, the concept of the suction pump is centuries old. Really that's all this is except that instead of sucking water, I'm sucking life. I've just sucked one year of your life away. I might one day go as high as five, but I really don't know what that would do to you. So, let's just start with what we have. What did this do to you? Tell me. And remember, this is for posterity so be honest. How do you feel?

    Man in Black: [issues a whimpering moan]

    Count Rugen: Interesting.

  • Inigo Montoya: Hello there. Slow going?

    Man in Black: Look, I don't mean to be rude but this is not as easy as it looks, so I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't distract me.

    Inigo Montoya: [apologetic] Sorry.

    Man in Black: Thank you.

  • [after Inigo pulls the Man in Black to the top]

    Man in Black: Thank you.

    [He begins to draw his sword, but Inigo motions him to stop]

    Inigo Montoya: We'll wait until you are ready.

    Man in Black: [sheathes sword] Again, thank you.

  • Buttercup: If you'll release me, whatever you ask for ransom, you'll get it! I promise you.

    Man in Black: And what is that worth, the promise of a woman? You're very funny, Highness.

  • Inigo Montoya: [falls to his knees] Kill me quickly.

    Man in Black: I would sooner destroy a stained glass window than an artist like yourself. However, since I can't have you follow me either...

    [knocks Inigo unconscious]

    Man in Black: Please understand I hold you in the highest respect.

  • Man In Black: [sitting at the bar] Beer.

    Odell: What kind?

    Man In Black: Draft.

    Man In Black: On the rocks.

  • Man In Black: [putting money on the bar after the Men in Black drink their two beers] Keep the change, sport.

    Odell: [crossing arms, looking exasperated] That's two dollars, man.

    Man In Black: [putting more money on the bar] We'll be back.

  • Man In Black: Badges?

    Man In Black: What badges?

    Man In Black: We don't have no badges.

  • [repeated line]

    Man in black: Danny, kill for him.

  • Man in black: [Producer's Cut]

    [before shooting Jamie]

    Man in black: Your work is finished now.

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