Man #3 Quotes in Violet & Daisy (2011)


Man #3 Quotes:

  • Daisy: [to hit men] My partner weighs in at about 95 pounds, right? And together you guys weigh are pushin', like, half a ton, give or take, correct? So, did you need much help stuffing her in that garbage can?

    Man #1Man #2Man #3Man #4: [blank stares]

    Daisy: [sits back, hands behind her head] Now I usually don't talk to people like you in the first place. But if I did that sort of thing, I would say that you girls should have a TV show. And that they should call that program, "The Adventures of Donnie's Bitches". But like I said at the top, I usually don't talk to people like you. Because talking to people like you doesn't make much sense.

    Man #1: What do you mean, people like us? What the hell kind of people are we?

    Daisy: Dead ones.

    Man #1: [laughs] What?

    Violet: [starts shooting them from behind] Got some bullets. But now I might be out again.

  • Man 3: If the world that we are forced to accept is false and nothing is true, then everything is possible.

  • Man #1: I did not pull on my ear!

    Man #2: You pulled on your ear, when my son...

    Man #1: I scratched my ear!

    Man #2: Oh! You're a liar!

    Man #3: Come on break it up.

    [comes to separate the two]

    Man #1: [instead grabs Man #3's shirt and slaps him in the face] I don't care!

    Everyone Else: [goes chaotic]

    Tournament Director: [while working at a table sees this and sighs, and then escorts them to jail cell on floor below]

  • [Mika has just dropped off last of his drunken passengers]

    Mika: Are you sure you know where you are?

    Man #3: Yes. Helsinki.

    [Mika nods and drives away]

  • [when Mika is waking up his passed-out customer]

    Mika: Hey, Aki, wake up!

    Man #3: Who the fuck are you? And where the fuck am I?

    Mika: You're in a fucking taxi, fucking close to your home, and you owe me for the fucking ride!

  • Man #1: There must be a frog blocking the pipe.

    Man #2: We're stuck, like Ugolin.

    Man #3: Impossible! It's flowed for fifty years.

  • Man #3: This is going to hurt.

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