Makoto Konno Quotes in Toki o kakeru shôjo (2006)


Makoto Konno Quotes:

  • [subtitled version]

    Chiaki Mamiya: I'll be waiting in the future.

    Makoto Konno: I'll be right there. I'll run there.

  • Makoto Konno: [Voice-over] If today... If today were a normal day, there wouldn't have been any problems. But... I'd forgotten that today was an extremely unlucky day. It's crazy... but I'm going to die. This is it. If I had known, I would have gotten up earlier. I wouldn't have slept in. Wouldn't have been late. Done a better job on my tempura. Avoid being knocked over by stupid boys. And today was supposed to be a NICE day...

  • Chiaki Mamiya: [the teacher Fukushima has arrived late] It's our lucky day

    Makoto Konno: No, It's my lucky day

    Chiaki Mamiya: And that, Why?

    Makoto Konno: [Voice-over] People say that when you have a bad day, nothing will go fine. But that is not for me. Because I'm always lucky.

    Fukushima sensei: Let's see: Anyone want to guess why I was late?

    Yuri Hayakawa: An exam?

    Fukushima sensei: Exactly, Miss Hayakawa

    [Everyone Screams: WHAT?]

    Makoto Konno: [Voice-over] Anyway, I'm still lucky

  • Makoto Konno: [while walking with Yuri]


    Makoto Konno: In general, I'm quite cautious, so I never suffered any major injury, both physically and in the emotional...

    [a man is thrown to her and both are crashing in a tree]

  • Kazuko Yoshiyama: It's a mysterious painting. If you look at it for a long time, you feel completely at peace. We don't know its artist, or whether it even has any artistic value. But... we learned one thing during the restoration. This painting was drawn hundreds years ago in a time of war and famine.

    Makoto Konno: Why did someone draw this painting when the world was on the verge of destruction?

  • Makoto Konno: Why did you use it? Shouldn't it have been saved for the right time?

    Chiaki Mamiya: It was the right time. You don't remember, but Kousuke and that girl died once at that crossing. A certain someone was crying with guilt, so I had no choice. I had to go back, but before I noticed, it was summer. Being with you two... was too much fun. It was the first time I ever saw a running river on the surface. It was the first time I ever rode a bike. It was the first time I ever knew how vast the sky was. And above all... it was the first time I'd ever seen so many people in one place.

  • Kazuko Yoshiyama: I first fell in love in high school. We became really close as soon as we met. It was like we'd known each other since childhood. But it was over before we became adults.

    Makoto Konno: Why?

    Kazuko Yoshiyama: The timing was probably bad.

    Makoto Konno: What is he doing now?

    Kazuko Yoshiyama: I wonder. He said he would definitely return one day. Though I didn't plan on waiting for him. And so much time has passed. It didn't last long. A blink of an eye. But, Makoto... you're not like me, right? If someone were late to meet you... wouldn't you run out to meet him?

  • Makoto Konno: Yuri... You know, I... have something I couldn't tell you.

    Yuri Hayakawa: What is it?

    Makoto Konno: I... like Chiaki. Sorry.

    Yuri Hayakawa: I see... That's what I thought. I passed him on my way here. Go.

    [Makoto nods]

    Yuri Hayakawa: Makoto! Time waits for no one...

  • [Chiaki just asked out Makoto and to avoid it, she leaps back to a conversation with Kousuke that happened a few minutes before. Upon landing, she clangs her head against a sign]

    Chiaki Mamiya: Uh, what the hell are you doing down there?

    Makoto Konno: Nothing at all.

    Chiaki Mamiya: Don't come crying to me when you change your mind too late about dating that girl.

    Kousuke Tsuda: Can we please just drop it now?

    [Turns and walks away]

    Chiaki Mamiya: See ya!

    Kousuke Tsuda: Later!

    Chiaki Mamiya: Hey where's your bike? Get on, I'll double ya.

    Makoto Konno: [Swallows nervously, remembering what happened before]

    Chiaki Mamiya: [Riding the bike home, with Makoto on the back again] That loser Kousuke, beat me to it.

    Makoto Konno: It's not as if he decided to go out with her.

    Chiaki Mamiya: That's what he says now, but I bet if he got a girlfriend then he'd always pick her over us.

    Makoto Konno: You can't be sure about that.

    Chiaki Mamiya: Oh man, without Kousuke, we'd only be able to toss the ball around.

    Makoto Konno: Why do you give the poor guy some credit and deal with it IF and when Kousuke does start seeing a girl.

    Chiaki Mamiya: Well, there's not much we can do if it happens. Anyway, how about you go out with me?

    Makoto Konno: Like I said, why are we talking about this?

    [Leaps back in time again to avoid being asked out]

    Chiaki Mamiya: [Riding the bike home, with Makoto on the back again] That's what he says now, but I bet if he got a girlfriend then he'd always pick her over us.

    Makoto Konno: Hey, did I ever tell you what a total idiot my little sister is?

    Chiaki Mamiya: Uh, I was talking about Kousuke in case you didn't notice.

    Makoto Konno: Forget him, let's talk about my sister.

    Chiaki Mamiya: So anyway, if Kousuke finds a girlfriend...


    Chiaki Mamiya: DO YOU WANNA GO OUT WITH ME?

    [Makoto leaps back yet again and realizing that Chiaki is going to ask her out despite her trying to change the conversation, she proceeds to walk home to avoid it altogether]

  • Miyuki Konno: [trying to prevent Makoto from jumping *leaping* out of the window] Big sis, no! Don't! I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It was all my fault. Why are you doing this? Because I ate your pudding?

    Makoto Konno: Wh-Why what?

    Miyuki Konno: Big sis, don't die!

    Makoto Konno: I won't!

    Miyuki Konno: Then where are you going?

    Makoto Konno: To the convenience store!

    Miyuki Konno: If you want pudding, I'll go buy it for you

  • Makoto Konno: When I'm not lucky, I'm really not, but I usually am, so it balances out.

  • Yuri Hayakawa: Makoto!

    Makoto Konno: What?

    Yuri Hayakawa: Did you decide between sciences and humanities?

    Makoto Konno: No. You?

    Yuri Hayakawa: Nope.

    Makoto Konno: That's good.

    Yuri Hayakawa: Can't make up your mind right away, yeah? Who knows what'll happen in the future? It never ends...

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