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Major Kendall Quotes:

  • Major Kendall: [to Marlowe] As usual, I'm just presenting the grim facts. Colonel Secord doesn't seem to understand that the coffee tastes better when the latrines are dug downstream instead of upstream. How do you like *your* coffee, Colonel?

  • Major Kendall: I don't understand a man like Miles giving up that easily.

    Col. John Marlowe: Maybe losing that arm took some of the fight out of him.

    Major Kendall: No... the man I knew could lose both arms and still try to kick you to death.

  • [after Marlowe gets slapped]

    Major Kendall: I suggest you see a doctor.

  • Major Kendall: How are Susan amd the kids?

    Col. Jonathan Miles, CSA: Oh, they're fine. They're in Vicksburg. I suspect you'll be seeing them soon.

    Major Kendall: [pats Miles'leg] Nice try, Jonathan.

  • Major Kendall: Look here, colonel, I didn't ask to be assigned to this mission...

  • Major Kendall: Now come off it Colonel, even you were born.

  • Major Kendall: [pushing Hannah and Lukey into the room] Why don't you ask them what they think your chances are of blowing up Newton Station and heading to Baton Rouge?

  • Col. John Marlowe: [during firefight] I didn't want this. I tried to avoid a fight!

    Major Kendall: That's why I took up medicine.

  • Col. John Marlowe: [entering the hospital] Kendall, what's Mitchell's name doing on the sick list?

    Otis 'Hoppy' Hopkins: Please wait your turn - the doctor will be with you shortly.

    Col. John Marlowe: [indicating Hopkins] What's this?

    Major Kendall: Hopkins, my assistant.

    Col. John Marlowe: Is he going along?

    Major Kendall: He's a good man, I need him.

  • Col. John Marlowe: [grabbing Sgt. Mitchell by the arm] Come on, Mitch, I've got some whiskey in my locker...

    Major Kendall: [forces Sgt. Mitchell back on the bed] He's staying here and those are my orders!

    Col. John Marlowe: You've read the whole book, haven't you?

  • Major Kendall: That's a pretty primitive outlook; medically speaking, that is.

    Col. John Marlowe: Well, doctor, war isn't exactly a civilized business.

  • Major Kendall: [preparing to fight] What are the rules gonna be, Colonel?

    Col. John Marlowe: Make up your own.

    Major Kendall: [hits Marlow in the jaw as he is taking off his blouse] You said no rules.

  • Col. John Marlowe: The Major seems to be out of uniform. Where are your sidearms, Kendall?

    Major Kendall: If you check the book, Colonel, you'll see that a Regimental Surgeon doesn't wear one.

    Col. John Marlowe: [Angrily, to Gen Hurlburt] First you cut out our artillery, then the wagons, and now you want to saddle us with a medical unit!

  • Col. John Marlowe: [immediately after Dunker's death] If, if, maybe, perhaps... what's the matter, Medicine Man...

    Major Kendall: [throws whiskey in Marlowe's face] Alright, section hand, I've had you! Strip your blouse.

    Col. John Marlowe: [Wipes his face] I think you're right.

    [Calls out]

    Col. John Marlowe: Orderly! Horses!

  • Col. John Marlowe: [offers his hand to Kendall] I don't blame you if you... slap it away. Shake hands?

    [they shake]

    Col. John Marlowe: So long, Croaker.

    Major Kendall: Take care, Section Hand. And if you should run into another doctor...

    Col. John Marlowe: Yeah, I know... tree moss.

  • Major Kendall: How old are you?

    Soldier: Thirty-two, sir.

    Major Kendall: Stand with that group over there.

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